Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

January 13, 2007

Present:  Barbara Lee, Barbara Webster, Pat Lambert, Pat Quinlan, Joy & Deb Onstott, Jayne Peters, Jean & David Murph, Pete Wilson

Minutes of meeting on November 11, 2006.  Motion was made to approve by Barbara Webster and seconded by Joy Onstott, approved.

Old Business:

1.  Web site.  Kevin and Elaine were not present to update us on their progress.

2.  Treasurer Report.  Jean Murph presented the treasurer’s report and we have a balance of $6,252.60 remaining.  

3.  Update on Kirkland House.  A donation of $250,000 was received by the City of Coppell from the Jean and Price Daniel Foundation.  This donation is for the city of Coppell Restricted Historic Fund to be administered by the City Manager, staff or designated party for historic preservation purposes at the discretion of the City and in particular for acquisition and moving of the Kirkland house and for fencing to enclose and secure the property, at the City’s discretion.  The donation may also be used for any other acquisition, building, storage, landscaping or driveway projects for the Kirkland home or any other project at the City’s discretion.

4.  Photographs.  Joanne is still working on the project, but was not present to give a report.  Paul Lorrain, who is working on a paper entitled “Dallas County Bridges”, sent us a picture of the old Carrollton Dam over the Elm Fork of the Trinity on Sandy Lake Road.

5.  Photo policy.  Members agreed that we would discontinue lending original pictures and that we would charge a $5.00 fee for each photo made available to inquirers.  Jean Murph agreed to find a place for the 4 albums at her office and to take orders.  Pete Wilson will then e-mail the photos to the purchasers after Jean has received their payment.  

6.  Spring Meeting.  Members would like to have a representative from the City come to the meeting and give a presentation on plans for the Kirkland House and any other plans for Old Downtown Coppell.  Jayne Peters will check with Jim Witt to see when staff will be available.  The tentative meeting date is set for March 20th in the evening.  We will have our regularly scheduled meeting in February.

7.  Archaeological dig.  The dig is set for April 14th and the rain date was set for April 21st.  

New Business:

1.  Leadership Coppell.  This organization is looking for someone to do a 30 minute presentation at City Hall.  The date has not been set.  Jayne Peters agreed to do the presentation.

2.  Historical Book.  Jean Murph informed us that work was proceeding on creating this book.  The Historical Society would like to be involved in some way and suggested placing copies in all the schools.  No action was taken at this time.

3.  Officers.  Barbara Lee will appoint a nominating committee to have nominations in May.

4.  Jean Murph was presented with a bouquet of roses by the group to show our appreciation for her part in securing the grant for the Kirkland House.  

The next meeting will be held on February 10, 2007.

Pat Lambert

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

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