Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

January 12, 2008

Present:  Deb Onstott, Joy Onstott, Barbara Lee, Pat Lambert, Barbara Webster, Kevin Mote, Jean Murph, David Murph, Paul Lorain, Pat Quinlan, Joanne Smith, Jackie Parrish, Pete Wilson, Juanita Strong, Don Carter

1.  Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were e-mailed to all current members and copies were available at the meeting.  We will add Juanita Strong’s maiden name (Barfknecht) to the item regarding the historical interview and correct the spelling of Thiede. A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the minutes after corrections.

2.  Treasure Report

The treasurer’s report was presented by Jean Murph.  There is a current balance of $16,047.96.

3.  Old Business

Membership letter and monthly newsletter

We will send a letter to all previous members that have not renewed asking them if they would like to continue to participate.  We have approximately 48 members on our mailing list database and will use this for addresses.  Pat Quinlan and Pat Lambert will compose a letter encouraging everyone to renew their membership.  We will also launch a monthly newsletter in February to be sent along with the minutes to all current members.  Jean Murph will work on newsletter content and Kevin Mote will do the layout.  Pat Lambert will send the newsletter along with the minutes of the last meeting.

Thank you letters

Barbara Lee sent Thank You letters to the Jean and Price Daniels Foundation and to M-Signs for their donations.

Historical Survey

Peggy Riddle’s company is the Cornerstone Heritage Preservation Service and she will be performing the historical survey with assistance from historical society members.  Jean Murph has been in contact with Ms. Riddle and informed us that her fee will be $65 per hour.  Ms. Riddle suggested that we have a task force to coordinate with her in identifying sites and other activities.  She will look for old historical sites, natural features, buildings over 50 years old, old structures (windmills, stone columns) and will map these items for us.  This survey will help with preservation efforts and local, state, and national historical designations.  She will also help with obtaining designation including local designations.

Jean Murph handed out copies of the proposal from Cornerstone Heritage Preservation Services.

4.  New Business

Historical Society Task Force

The Task Force members are Don Carter, who will assist with photography, Pete Wilson, Jean Murph, Joanne Smith, Juanita Strong, and Barbara Lee.  It was suggested that Ms. Riddle be contacted and asked to do an evening orientation meeting in the near future.

2008 Officers

After much discussion, a motion was made, seconded and passed to keep the same slate of officers for the coming year.  Kevin Mote will continue as web master.

Letter to Jim Witt

The letter discussed at the December meeting has been sent and copied to the membership.

5.  Other

Plans for spring meetings

January or February – we will have more information about the column location, scheduled meeting is February 9.

March – Kirkland house will need to be moved, scheduled meeting is March 8.  Barbara Lee informed us that the lot is approximately 0.39 acres and the house is 32 feet by 36 feet.  

May 10 – We should know more about issues and also have a report from Peggy Riddle.

Fire Department 50th Anniversary

On April 17th, the Fire Department will have a celebration in honor of their 50th anniversary.  It was suggested that we have some sort of program at our April 12th meeting to honor the fire fighters.  Some suggestions were to donate to a fire department project, send flowers or give a plaque.  It was felt that it should be something permanent and meaningful.  Barbara Lee will coordinate and Don Carter will work on the project.  The members voted to allocate $500 for whatever activity is decided upon.  

Coppell Historical Society Web Site – www.coppellhistoricalsociety.org

Kevin Mote has so far created a landing page and photo gallery with photos that can, for now, be downloaded (or uploaded) by anyone.  He felt this was not a problem since very few people know of the existence of the site.  He will eventually put in security measures to require a password.  Kevin requested information on the pictures and was informed that there was some information in the photo album.  It was agreed that photos should be approved before being posted on the web site.  For now he will work on an information page and contact information.

Members need to decide on what content we want on the web site, such as the newsletter, FAQs, a brief historical timeline of Coppell, contacts, e-mail addresses, a calendar and information on membership.

We also need ideas on how to promote the web site.  The City will not allow it on their web page since they can’t control the content.  Newspapers are one option.

Our next meeting is scheduled for February 9, 2008.  

Pat Lambert

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