Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

February 11, 2006

(Revised February 17, 2006)

Present:  Barbara Lee, Pat Lambert, Joy Onstott, David and Jean Murph, Lindy Thomas, Joy McCabe, Bunny Morrow, Joanne Smith

It was announced that we will not have a meeting in March.

Note: Please see addendum at end of minutes.

1.  The minutes from the January meeting were approved.

2.  The treasurer report was given by Jean Murph .  We have a balance of $1,624.43 in the account and the names have been changed to reflect the new treasurer.

Lindy has purchased some acrylic brochure holders to place at City Hall, Chamber of Commerce, Remax Realty, and possibly other locations around town such as the library and the Senior Center.  She will contact Jane to see if she can send a digital file of the brochure and Jean will check on the cost and availability of the paper.

3.  Old Business – Old Coppell Families.

Lindy stated that Mr. Finnell appeared before the Park Board and apparently has lived in Coppell for 40 years and his wife for all her life.  She will try to get back with him about Coppell historical items and info.  Jean said that Kevin Mote was a potential contact for historical information.  Pat, Joy, and Pete Wilson had all made contact with people on the list.

4.   Photographs.  Pete is still working on hiring a student to digitize and compile the old photos.  Joanne hasn’t started the photos of old downtown yet.

5.  Windmill marker dedication.  Jean presented the bronze plaque and everyone was very pleased with its appearance.  She will check with Brad Reed on the rock and other details.  We will need to plan the dedication for a time when J. C. Thweatt’s nephew is in town.  It was suggested that a weekday would be better so that City Staff could attend.  

6.  Senior Center space.  Joanne, Pete, Jean and Barbara will meet with Jim Witt on Thursday February 23 at 4pm to discuss the space for Coppell historical items.  Lindy suggested that we visit the Dallas Police Museum and see how they have been able to display items in the halls.  Jean and Lindy felt that we could look at all our public buildings for potential display locations for pictures (copies of originals).

7.  New Business.  Jean gave Barbara Lee a list of people who came to the founding families event.  It was suggested that we have a category of membership designated as “honorary”.  We could invite these folks to the meetings and send them a letter with a brochure and, if they would like, include them on the minutes mailing list.

8.  Archaeological dig at Grapevine Springs.  Jean suggested that we use metal detectors as several members have them.  The last weekend in April was considered.  Jean has called Paul Lorraine, but no response as yet.  We can possibly go to the Dallas Archaeological Society for help.  

Our next meeting will be on April 8, 2006.   

Addendum to Original Minutes of Meeting:

Jean Murph stated that she, Barbara Lee and Brad Reed had met and had set a date of March 20 at 4pm for the Windmill Marker Dedication ceremony.  This date has been confirmed with the City and other interested parties.  Please mark you calendars for this date.

The Executive Committee would like members to consider the expenditure of $300 for landscaping the site.  If there are questions about this expense, please let Jean know and she will get back to you.  The Executive Committee will meet to decide on this later.

The archaeological dig has been set for April 29th in Grapevine Springs Park.

Pat Lambert

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

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