Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

March 6, 2004

March 24,2004

Dear Coppell Historical Society Members:

This is a brief summary of what we decided at our last meeting on Saturday, March 6.

Because of Easter, we will hold our April meeting this next Saturday. April 3.10:15 a.m., at the

Coppell Library. At that time, our principle business will be planning for the May 8 meeting and

for the "dig" at Grapevine Springs Park, tentatively set for Saturday, May 15. Doris Alexander,

Pete Wilson, Joy Onstaadt and Jean Murph agreed to plan the "dig"event, but everyone should

plan to be there on May 15, bringing a picnic lunch. We will try to take Peggy Riddle to lunch after

the May meeting.

The May 8 meeting will feature Coppell Mayor Doug Stover, who will catch us up on what's

happening in old downtown, including W. Bethel Road design, land for sale, and the master plan.

Site for the event is the Coppell Aquatics Center meeting room because of a room conflict at the

library. The event will receive publicity, and the following persons agreed to bring breakfast-type

food: Lindy Thomas, Joanne Smith, Doris Alexander, Joy Onstaadt, Ralph Goins and Pete Wilson.

Ralph Goins will provide coffee and water. Jean Murph and Doris Alexander will provide paper

goods and room set-up.

In other action, the members decided the following:

Other News:

Don't forget! Our next meeting is this Saturday, April 3, at the library.

Mark your calendar for the March 8 meeting at the Aquatic Center to hear the mayor.

Make a special effort to be there and bring a guest.

Jean Murph

Coppell Historical Society

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