Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

May 13, 2006

Present:  Barbara Lee, Pat Lambert, Bunny Morrow, Pete Wilson, Ruby Nell Wilson, Don and Betty Carter, Nita Strong, Lindy Thomas, Jean and David Murph, Joy McCabe, Joanne Smith.

Treasurer’s report was given by Jean Murph and a motion was made to accept it by Don Carter and seconded by Lindy Thomas – passed.

1.  Old Business: Old Red is back in Coppell.  The restoration place didn’t work out but it is expected to be ready for the Christmas parade.

2.  Archaeological Dig.  Several items were found.  One piece (a piece of pottery) dates to the Sam Houston era according to an archaeologist in Allen.  The attendance and participation were very good with lots of young people interested in archaeology.  A motion was made to have a standing archaeological committee by Don Carter and was seconded by Jean Murph – passed.  Volunteers were Jean Murph, Don Carter, Pat Lambert, and Joanne Smith.

A motion was made to reimburse Jean and David for expenses incurred on the dig by Pete Wilson and seconded by Joanne Smith – passed.

3.  Cemeteries: A committee was formed at the last meeting to meet with City officials to explore the possibility of preserving the 4 old family cemeteries.  Barbara set up a meeting with the City Attorney, David Dodd, for Wednesday the 17th at 4pm at City Hall.  It was stated that many volunteers were available in the City to help with maintenance and that Jean and Barbara had contacted at least one family member from each of the cemeteries.

4.  New Business:  Joanne has permission to go on Thweatt property to collect plants.  There was some concern that the native plants might not survive transplanting.  Hopefully they can be transplanted at the proper time of year.

5.  4th of July:  The vendor application must be in to the City by June 23rd and the consensus was that it was probably too late for us to have a float.  We will have a booth that night before the fireworks display.  Jean will arrange to have a metal detector and display for kids to find artifacts.  Jean will staff the booth and Barbara, Dave and Don will help.  A motion was made to authorize Jean to spend up to $75 for the booth by Pete and seconded by Don – passed.

6.  Meeting with City Manager:  The Chadick House in Old Downtown is the oldest structure in Coppell and is in need of restoration.  It is privately owned and the owners are asking about $150,000 for the property.  Jim Witt wants the City and the Historical Society to split the cost of purchasing the house.  Jean made a motion that Lindy and Pete meet with Jim and report back on his thoughts on the arrangement by the September meeting.  Motion was seconded by Bunny and passed.  Someone suggested that the old fire station might be used for a museum when we have the new senior center.  We will look into preservation ordinances at the local and federal level and determine what would be effective for our community.

7.  Other:  Joy suggested giving medallions for structures 50 years and older.  Lindy might be able to get someone from the county to speak on this.  Lindy stated that the state has placed a moratorium on historical markers until approximately January 2008 and will accept applications only once a year.  Lindy also stated that the county does historical surveys and we might enlist their help on this.  Joy and Lindy will work on a program on this subject for the September meeting.

Pete received a call from a Mark Coppell whose great great grandfather was George Coppell.  George was in the area in the late 1800’s and reappeared in England in 1892 with an American wife.  George Coppell’s name was on the record of the railroad bankruptcy commission.  Mark stated that his father is doing research on George Coppell.  Pete will keep in touch with Mark.

The next meeting will be September 9, 2006.

Pat Lambert

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

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