Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

May 12, 2007

Present:  Pete Wilson, Jean Murph, Don Carter, Barbara Webster, Barbara Lee, Noble Fortson, Kevin Mote, Pat Quinlan

Before the meeting began, archaeologist Lance Trask shared artifacts that had been found at the 2006 archaeological dig.

Artifacts included horse shoe in asphalt, a snap, pottery pieces that could not be dated, coil of wire, bottle cap from Michelobe Lite, a handle, top of corked bottle dated pre 1912, piece of aqua glass that could not be dated, round modern nail, church key, 1996 penny, bag of nails, and a bolt.

Accompanying Mr. Trask were archaeologists Jessie Todd, Paul Lorrain, and Gwen Durrant who had helped in the morning at the archaeological dig at Grapevine Springs.

The ground was too wet to dig so places were marked where the metal detector sounded and a map was made so the archaeologists can return in October and dig.

Old Business:Barbara Lee opened the meeting by passing around the Treasurer's Report.

The balance is $6,314.33.

The slate of new officers that was proposed in February was approved by acclamation.

        President-Barbara Lee

        Vice President-Pete Wilson

        Treasurer-Jean Murph

        Recording Secretary-Pat Lambert

        Correspondence Secretary-Pat Quinlan

        Special Project-Joann Smith

Ten new members were gained from March's City Hall meeting.

Barbara Lee has been calling Mr. McKee and Ralph Goins, but has not been able to contact either of them.

Barbara Lee mentioned that membership needs to be kept up to date for our records.

Thanks was given to Jean and Dave Murph for the banner they provided for our organization.

Jean Murph asked how Barbara Webster and Barbara Lee are doing on artifacts from founding families of Coppell.

Barbara Lee had a list of artifacts given to her by the George Corbin Family.

Corresponding Secretary needs to write a thank you to contributing families and to the archaeologists who helped with today's dig.

From September those people interviewing founding family members of Coppell are Joann Smith, Pete Wilson, Barbara Webster, and Barbara Lee.

Each interviewer needs to bring a list of what they have obtained from their family and give to Jean Murph.

Jean Murph and Barbara Lee said we need to keep reminding the city that we are here to help with the Kirkland House.

New Business:

Kevin Mote will look into a web-site for our organization.

Only cost to a web-site is getting a registered URL and a host.  Estimated cost is $100 for six years.

Pete Wilson made a motion that we give Kevin Mote permission to start a web-site and use pictures of early Coppell and the existing brochure for Coppell Historical Society.  $150 will be appropriated for a registered URL and host.

Kevin Mote will work on getting the organization up and running with a web-site and report back in September.

Barbara Lee was designated as the contact person for the web-site.

A motion was made to change our archaeological dig from April to October for better weather.

October 13th was set for the archaeological dig.

The following people renewed their membership with cash:  Noble Fortson, Don Carter, Betty Carter, and Kevin Mote.

Our next scheduled meeting is September 8th.

Note: If you have access to the internet and would rather receive the minutes by e-mail, please contact Pat Lambert at plambert@nctcog.org. 

Pat Lambert

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

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