Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

May 14, 2011

Present:  Barbara Lee, Pat Quinlan, Delbert Onstott, Nan Botzau, Tom Botzau, Barbara Webster, Pete Wilson, Martha-Allison Blewer, Jean Murph, Dave Murph, Kevin Mote

President Barbara Lee called the meeting to order at 10:21 a.m.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.  Moved by Jean Murph.  Seconded by Nan Botzau.

The treasurer’s report by Dave Murph showed income during the last month of $110.00 (dues and donation) and expenses of $100 (website maintenance).

Barbara Lee mentioned that often the city staff, mayor, and city council members may not be aware of the Society’s many activities and recent accomplishments.  It was moved by Martha-Alison Blewer, seconded by Pat Quinlan, and approved that: (1) Jean Murph’s newspaper, The Citizen’s Advocate, will run an article on our activities; (2) Pete Wilson will prepare a simple page for the city council that will detail our activities; (3) the information will be transferred to Kevin Mote for possible inclusion onto the website.

Nan Botzau of the Education Committee suggested that we consider adding a tree search activity in conjunction with our annual archeological dig.  Pete Wilson moved, Martha-Alison Blewer seconded, and it was approved that the Society will sponsor a tree search on a Saturday in October, not necessarily on the same day as the dig.  We will ask the city to be involved.

Pete Wilson of the Sign/Dedication Committee reported that the city has approved the design of four signs for Coppell Heritage Park and has approved that name.  The only change the city required was that the “open” sign to be used outside the Kirkland House be black and white, with no additional colors.  The sign company has notified us that the two plaques which contain our Society logo will cost a bit more than originally approved.  It was moved by Jean Murph, seconded by Nan Botzau and approved that Pete is authorized to spend an additional amount of up to $250 for the signs.  The committee also recommended that the Society purchase a membership in Ancestry.com to search records for information about George Coppell and his family.  Jean Murph moved, Kevin Mote seconded, and it was approved that the Society will purchase a membership for $24.95 a month for one year.

Pat Quinlan of the Kirkland House committee reported that Jeff Ballard, the contractor, is still waiting on Paul Priestner, the subcontractor, to proceed with staining and restoring doors and windows.  Mindi Hurley has said that Priestner and Ballard are due to meet at the Kirkland House on Monday to begin this work.  Jean Murph moved, Nan Botzau seconded and it was approved that Pat Quinlan would attempt to meet with them on Monday and report back to the committee.  If the work doesn’t begin shortly, the committee may need to take additional action, possibly including discussing the lack of progress with other city staff or council members.

Kevin Mote reported that Cub Scout Pack 847 had met at Bullock Cemetery and cleared sticks and leaves, done other cleanup, and planted roses.  The Scouts are hoping to make this a monthly activity.

The next regularly scheduled meeting of the Society will be in September, but there is a strong possibility that we will need to have additional meetings in the summer.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:03 p.m.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

972-741-3894 (cell)

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