Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

September 9, 2006

Present: Pat Quinlan, Pat Lambert, Barbara Lee, Roy D. Onstott, Barbara G. Webster, Kevin Lory Mote, Pete Wilson, Ruby Nell Wilson, David Murph, Jean Murph, Joanne Smith

Special Presentation:

Chris Barton from the City of Carrollton Urban Development Dept. gave a presentation on the City of Carrollton Historical Marker Program.  The Historical Preservation Advisory Committee makes recommendations to the City Council for locations to receive historical markers.  These markers are owned by the City and usually mounted in the public right-of-way.  There are two ways for a site to receive historical status.  1) Recognition by Resolution – does not give any protection to site but places a marker.  2) Recognition by Ordinance – the city has created a Historic Preservation Zoning District in the Carrollton Heights area that establishes guidelines on such things as building materials and lot size limits.  The Council is studying the feasibility of making the old downtown area a Historic District.

Agenda Items

1. Approval of last meeting minutes (May 13, 2006) – A motion was made and seconded to approve the minutes of the last meeting and passed.  Some members indicated that they had not received the minutes from the last meeting.  

2. The treasurer’s report was distributed and the account balance is now $6,388.86.  A motion was made, seconded, and passed to approve this report.

3. Lindy Thomas and Pete Wilson meeting with Jim Witt to discuss the Chaddick House.  This meeting has not taken place as yet.

4. Photos of Coppell, 2006.  Joanne has not taken any pictures recently but has some from last year along with some scrapbooks.

5. High School student to digitize photos.  Pete reported that he hasn’t been able to make this work, due primarily to problems with office space.  He has scanned a lot of photos himself and reports that it is very time consuming.  A committee was formed to go forward with this work.  The members are Pete Wilson, Don Carter, and Kevin Mote.

6. Cemetery Committee.  The committee has met several times and has discussed the old Bullock cemetery with Kevin Mote.

7. Contacts on historical items.  Jean requested that everyone involved have something ready to report at the next meeting.  She will send a reminder to those who volunteered.

8. Other items.  

a. Pat Lambert was authorized to spend up to $70 on a commercial grade coffee carafe for meetings and to spend funds for coffee.  Barbara Webster and Pat Lambert will be on the Hospitality committee.

b. Jean Murph has provided Dr. Swaldi some historical pictures for his new offices and will receive payment for them.

c. Jean and others have received calls from citizens requesting speakers for various functions.  Kevin suggested that we work on creating a DVD to make available for interested parties.  Kevin will prepare an estimate of the cost for the committee.

d. Our next meeting will be on October 14, 2006.

Pat Lambert

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

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