Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

September 8, 2007

Present:  Pat Lambert, Pete Wilson, Jean Murph, J.P. Daniel, Don Carter, Barbara Webster, Joanne Smith, Nita Strong, Pat Quinlan

Minutes of Last Meeting:  The minutes of the last meeting were approved and the letter composed on July 31 to the City Manager was included in the meeting record.

Treasurer’s Report:  Jean Murph informed the members that we have $6,314.33 minus $98.92 approved for web site registration expenses.  An expense of $100 was approved to reimburse Barbara Webster for the refreshments she has been providing for the past several meetings.

Old Business:

Some of the items that have recently been collected for display were shown to the group.  We were all asked to keep trying to make contact with the families that we were assigned.  Some families have items to donate but are waiting for us to have a permanent home for their display.

Old Red – no news at this time.  It was suggested that we ask Barbara Lee for a report at the next meeting.

New Business:

We received a response from Jim Witt to our letter addressing the Kirkland House and other issues involving Grapevine Springs Park and related road closures.  The Council will consider our comments at one of their meetings in September.  Mr. Witt invited us to contact his office if we had any further considerations for the Council.  

A lengthy discussion was held regarding our recommendations about potential park road closure and the fate of the stone columns that previously marked the western entrance to the park. The City was apparently not aware of the existence of these columns when doing planning for this area.

They proposed to Jean Murph that the columns could be moved to a new location.  One proposal was to leave the columns on S. Coppell but move to a location nearer to Mrs. Wilson’s property and to also construct a small park with benches and a trail connecting to the park trail system.  A committee was formed to address this issue consisting of Jean Murph, Pat Lambert, and Don Carter.  The committee will correspond by e-mail or phone and send out a recommendation before our next meeting.

The issue of meeting room availability was also addressed.  Several venues were suggested such as the new firehouse meeting room, the proposed meeting room at the new senior center and of course, the library.  

Our next scheduled meeting is October 13 at 9am at the entrance to Grapevine Springs Park.  This meeting will be a follow-up to the previous archaeological dig held last spring.  We will actually dig at the sites that were mapped during the last exercise. Items needed include small water bottles, insect spray and ice.  Bring digging tools and wear your hats and sunscreen.

The next scheduled meeting at the CARC will be on November 10, 2007 at 10:15am.

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It was pointed out that those with Comcast as their internet provider would be having a name change shortly.  Please contact me (Pat Lambert) with your new e-mail address if this applies to you.

Pat Lambert

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

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