Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

October 19, 2002

Dear Coppell Historical Society Members:

I wanted to follow up after our meeting Saturday for those who could not be present and as a reminder for those who were present. We have a very exciting meeting coming up in two weeks on November 9, 2002, and we also set the date for our first trip to the Dallas County Records Building, where we will search for Coppell maps, grants and other data. I will enumerate upcoming activities and pending business below.

  1. Please mark your calendar for Saturday, November 9. 2002. at 10:15 a.m.. for our regular meeting when we are featuring Jan and Paul Lorrain and the topic Prehistoric People in Coppell, during which they will display many of their archeological finds along Denton Creek dating as far back as 1500 B.C.! Please make sure to be there early and serve as a greeter for our guests. We are issuing press releases to Coppell and Dallas papers, and Lindy Thomas is notifying all history teachers in the Coppell area school districts to inform them and their students. The  Citizens'Advocate also published a front-page article this week (October 25,2002) on the Lorrains and their finds, so hopefully this will interest others to attend. I've already heard from a number of non-members who intend to come. Children and youth should be interested in this, also. So, be there early and help us get the room arranged, so that we can greet visitors as they arrive at 10:30 a.m. And hear this! Member Ralph Goins has offered to bake fresh kolaches (I had to look in both the dictionary and then a cookbook to get this spelling right!) for the group and Lindy is bringing coffee! Be there! As we discussed Saturday, the intent of this particular meeting is to provide a special topic that we can advertise to the public in order to make residents more aware of Coppell's unique history and the works of the Historical Society. Hopefully, we can gain a few new members. Be sure to visit with guests and ask them to come back and/or join. We will set up a  membership/name tag table near the entrance. (Also, be thinking of a topic for a big spring  meeting.)
  2. We have set the date, this next Thursday, October 31, for our first trip to the Records Building in downtown Dallas. I f you are interested in going, please call me at the Citizen's Advocate (972-462-8192) by Wednesday before 5:00 p.m., and leave a message or reconfirm your interest in going i f we are not in. All those wanting to carpool are asked to meet at the Coppell Public Library in the parking lot at 10:00 a.m. Thursday. If you live in the vicinity of the library, someone may be able to pick you up at your home. We will let riders out upon arrival and then park, so don't worry about a long walk. We plan to work for several hours and then have lunch if agreeable with everyone on the way back. We will plan to be back around 2:00 p.m., and one car could return earlier if needed.  Already, the Lorrains brought each of us copies of three old maps, which I will bring for those who weren't at the meeting. Also, I ordered a brochure for each of you from the Texas State Historical Commission-a calendar identifying events across the state during Archeology Month, October. Next year, let's be one of the cities in this brochure!
  3. Lindy Thomas reported on our effort to obtain a Texas State Historical Marker for Grapevine Springs Park. The Lorrains have provided her several valuable booklets to aid in this effort. We are talking about seeking a marker for the city also, after this effort. As you may know, Lindy was appointed to the Dallas County Historical Commission, which is a big honor for her, us and the city. It's a lot of work. Look for an upcoming article on her also!
  4. At the meeting, we made a decision on a Coppell Historical Society storage and fling cabinet! Rather than purchase an expensive fire proof cabinet at this time, we agreed to bring forward in December options for a standard cabinet for your consideration. These are well within our budget, and we can perhaps obtain a fire-proof box for photos and other valuables to store within the locked cabinet. Some of us are overloaded with materials, and this will be a desirable step forward toward our museum! Don't forget to seek photos and memorabilia from Coppell oldtimers- you may know someone in your church or neighborhood whom we have not approached yet.
  5. The Brief History of Coppell brochure will be in final form for printing by the December meeting. While it has taken time to accomplish this, we want to do it right and as professionally as possible because it will last forever and be distributed to many residents and visitors. Ideas on who to print this at a reasonable rate? Let me know.
  6. Regarding restoration of old downtown Coppell, progress is being made steadily with the help and interest of Coppell City Manager Jim Witt, who, along with staff, was charged with implementation of the conceptual master plan, approved by the City Council this year. New businesses are expressing an interest, including a big-name family-style restaurant. Six new vendors with hundreds of Christmas shopping items are now in the Old Coppell Gift Shop. Kim Dobecka is moving House of Style into the building formerly occupied by AmeriTravel, which moved to Farmers Branch. A Farmers Market is planned to open on Saturdays in the spring at a site in old downtown. Through the work of the Old Town Coppell Association, whose members have businesses, land, or live in old Coppell, efforts are being made to improve traffic flow, parking, signage and beautification in old downtown, as well as assist in filling existing buildings and attracting new businesses.
  7. In conjunction with the above, we announced in September that our group obtained a $10,000 matching grant from the Suramerlee Foundation, pending our raising $10,000, for a preservation conference, which could serve as our big spring meeting. During the conference, experts are called in from the Smithsonian and National Historic Register, to name a few, to directly address  preservation in Coppell. I am working closely on this with City Manager Witt, who has been encouraging about our ability to obtain the matching dollars from the Coppell area. If you know of a business, group or individual who might want to help sponsor the event with dollars and receive credit, please contact me.
  8. A nominating committee has been appointed as outlined in our bylaws: Lindy Thomas, chair; Pete Wilson, and Jayne Peters. Since our meeting in November will center on the Lorrains only, with your permission, let's postpone their report until the December meeting.
  9. Dues for the year, $10 per individual or $15 per family, are now due again. Check your status and give your dues to Jeanne Heath or Jo Ann Smith at the sign-in table November 9.

Enclosed is the agenda for the last meeting. See you Thursday and/or next Saturday, and

thanks for your interest and participation..

Jean Murph

Coppell Historical Society

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