Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

October 8, 2005

Present:  Pete Wilson, Barbara Lee, Lindy Thomas, Pat Lambert, Joanne Smith, Deb Onstott.

Treasurer’s report – Barbara Lee reported that we have a total of $2,078.36 in our treasury.  A motion was made by Pete Wilson and seconded by Pat Lambert to move all marker funds into the general fund.  

A.  Thursday Ceremony – Details of the Thursday ceremony were discussed.  Lunch will be provided by the city and at this point we are under budget.  It was suggested that we have a speaker from Theatre Coppell to speak on history.  We are still not sure if the City provides the Pepsi products.  

B.  Saturday Ceremony – Parks and Leisure will provide the sound system and CD player.  They will also arrange for the portable bathroom facilities and a 15-passenger van to shuttle visitors from the Service Center or the Farmers Market.  

C. Publicity – All invitations have been sent out and press releases to local papers have resulted in 2 interviews.  At the meeting, the possibility of getting signs made to put out on the streets was suggested.  Since they would only be up a short time and would cost almost $15 each, Pat Lambert proposed that instead of going to that expense, we would create some flyers and post around area business and offices.  Lindy volunteered to make the flyers and Pat Lambert and others offered to post them.  

D.  Volunteer Needs – There was concern as to whether we would have enough lemonade.  Lindy stated that Chick-Fil-A has agreed to donate 8 gal.  Lindy will also get a large “Igloo” and fill with water and Pete will bring some powdered lemonade and some ice.  Deb Onstott will bring 2 coolers with 4 gal of lemonade.  We will need to have this all set up by 10:30am.  Pat Lambert will bring a cooler with water and ice.

Lindy stated that Pecan Creek Nursery had agreed to loan us their hay bales and some potted mums for a display.  Joanne will ask some of the farmers at the market if we could borrow some pumpkins and squash for the display.  We will also need an awning for the sound system on Saturday a.m.  Lindy will check with the City on this.  If they don’t have one, we will rent.  

Pete will put together the lemonade stand and Pat will help with staffing.  Barbara will staff a table with membership forms and information.  Jean and Joanne will be in charge of games.  

Pat Lambert

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