Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

October 7, 2009

At McDonald’s, Denton Tap Road, Coppell

Present:  Barbara Lee, Pete Wilson, Pat Lambert, Paul Lorrain, Barbara Webster, Don Carter, David Murph, Jean Murph, Ray McDowell, Jackie Parrish

President Barbara Lee called the meeting to order at 6:33 p.m.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.  Jean Murph moved; Don Carter seconded.

The treasurer’s report by David Murph showed a balance of $52,417.69, which was an amended balance relative to the last report.  Our account shows a slightly larger balance than was expected, probably due to some past accounting error.  The only recent expenditure was $1500 to the man who helped salvage and move some of the façade of the old service station in downtown Coppell.

Nash Farm is hosting a celebration next Saturday.  Some of our members may attend, although we have activities planned in Coppell at the same time.

A note of thanks was received from the Coppell Library for our participation in the Festival of Nations, which was almost rained out.

A note of thanks was received from the Coppell Fire Department for our contribution of $500 to its Fife and Drum Corps.

The Old Red Courthouse Museum in downtown Dallas is hosting an exhibit by the city of Lancaster.  Some of our members need to attend, primarily to observe how the exhibit is displayed, since someday we will be providing a similar exhibit.

Barbara Lee asked if anyone had information about the scrapbooks that Jean Heath prepared for the Society, hoping that we might get to look at them.  It was suggested that possibly Joanne Smith might have them.

On Saturday, October 10, Pete Wilson and Barbara Lee will man the Society’s booth in old downtown Coppell.  Pete is bringing four cases of “Dublin” Dr. Pepper, iced down in coolers, to sell.  Barbara will provide the usual signs, brochures, and displays that belong to the Society.  Don Carter will provide a tent.  Jean and David Murph will also bring a cooler full of ice.  The drinks will sell for $1.00 each, slightly less than what they cost us to provide.  The booth should be open by 8:00 a.m.

Jean Murph is organizing the archeological dig, also on Saturday, October 10, beginning at 9:00 a.m. in front of the Kirkland house/windmill on Bethel Road.  A number of interested persons have called about the dig, including a teacher and her students.  The plan is to dig around the Kirkland house, and maybe even expand beyond that immediate area.  Pete Wilson and Ray McDowell reminded the group that, over the years, on that corner, there have been a service station, a house, a blacksmith’s shop, and a drug store.

Pete Wilson reported that he has been transcribing some notes from recorded interviews with Jack Kirkland that took place in 1988 and 1992

Pete Wilson also reported that the state has responded to our request to claim the funds from the old Historic Bethel Cemetery Association.  The state has turned down our request.  Pete will continue to look into the matter.  He reports that just about the only way we will be able to prevail is to somehow re-institute the Association and establish a bank account in its name.  To do this, we will have to acquire the original articles of incorporation, and they are probably to be found only through the Secretary of State’s office.

Joy Onstatt was unable to attend the meeting, but Barbara Lee presented information about the Onstatt’s old barn in old downtown.  Joy has proposed that the Society move and restore the old barn.  Members felt that there was just no place available to put it.  It was suggested that we all take a look at the barn and that photos should be taken along with documentation of the structure for the record.  After this, it could be deconstructed and the material re-used.  Paul Lorrain will work on the project and will ask Peggy Riddle to give input.

Don Carter presented information on the purchase of a display case for historical documents and artifacts in the new senior citizen/community center.  He has received estimates of around $2,500 for a 7’ x 5’ case that is very professional appearing and can be moved from place to place.  It was suggested that posters, etc. appearing in the case be black letters (large print) on a white background as this is easier to read for us old folks. Authorization was given to spend up to $2,500 to purchase the display case.

Jean Murph announced that we have received a bid of $3,800 for reconstructing the service station façade.  Even including the cost of moving the façade, the cost is still under the amount we anticipated and approved, $10,000.

The November meeting with city department heads was discussed.  The purpose is to show them the historical survey and suggest ways the city can put it to use in the future.  A date for this meeting has not yet been decided.

Barbara Lee has the timeline for the work on the Kirkland house, but she would like to discuss it with Pat Quinlan (the committee chair) before making it official.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

972-741-3894 (cell)

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