Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

November 11, 2006

Present:  Barbara Lee, Barbara Webster, Dorothy Brand, Pat Lambert, Elaine L. Audinet, John Price Daniel, Jean Murph, Jackie Parrish, Pete Wilson, Kevin Mote, David Murph

Minutes of Meeting from October 14, 2006 and the treasurer’s report were approved following a motion by Jean Murph and second by Pete Wilson.  Jean reported that we have a balance of $6,256.60 and have 7 new members.

Call for Volunteers:  Barbara Lee has contacted City Staff and they are happy to have our help with activities at City Hall after the Christmas Parade on Saturday, December 2, 2006.  If you are able to volunteer for a short time to help with serving refreshments and other tasks please call Barbara Lee at 972-462-0328 and give her your name.

Old Business:

1. Photographs of present day Coppell.  Barbara will contact Joanne to find out her progress.  We will want to make both prints and a CD of the new photos.

2. Old Town Coppell Plans.  No progress has been made since the last meeting.  At that time we discussed the old Kirkland House and some discussion had been held with Jim Witt about purchasing it.  The committee will try to contact Jim for an appointment and proceed.  Some ideas for the old house were as headquarters for the Historical Society and for periodic art exhibits along with permanently exhibiting historical items obtained by the Historical Society.  It was suggested that Steve Chaddick would give us the house to be moved or the City could buy the property and give us the house.  Barbara Lee will join the group to talk to Jim Witt.  Barbara suggested going first to Jayne Peters, our council liaison.

3. Digitize Photos. Pete has digitized everything he had and all are on disks.  Kevin has done all the photos he had also.  We can now e-mail pictures to people requesting old photos without risking our originals getting lost or damaged.  Kevin stated that he has an ftp site and can deliver the photos over the Internet if we want to try that option.  Several mechanisms for delivering the photos and collecting the charges were discussed.  Elaine A. will help Kevin with this project and working out a way to collect the money.  We will have the 15 most popular photos available over the Internet.  Kevin suggested that we might look into actually making the enlargements ourselves.

4. Cemetery committee.  Barbara thanked everyone who was involved in putting on the tour.  It was a huge success and very educational. Kevin has a committee and some funds for the old Bullock cemetery.  He is still working on getting the Cub Scouts involved.  Barbara said that the neighbor next to the Bethel cemetery was doing a good job of taking care of the property.  He is mowing it with a lawn mower purchased by the original Bethel cemetery committee.   

New Business:

1. Christmas parade.  The parade is always the first Saturday in December, which will be December 2nd this year.  It was decided that we would have our December meeting at this time and help with refreshments, etc. at City Hall after the parade.  (See Call for Volunteers above)

2. Archaeological Dig.  We will set aside the April meeting for the dig (April 14, 2007).  The committee will meet after Christmas to make plans.  Barbara Webster and Elaine Audinet will join the committee.  

3. Dues.  The yearly dues are payable in January of each year regardless of when they were paid the previous year.  Example:  If you write a check in June for $10, you will still owe $10 in January.  

4. Banner:  Jean and David suggested that we need a nice banner for the Historical Society to display at events.  The members approved up to $200 for a large and a small banner after a motion by Elaine and second by Barbara.

5. Web site.  Kevin will look into getting a link on the City web site to tie into his web site.  We could have information about the history of Coppell and access to the historical photos.  Barbara Lee said the there was a tremendous amount of information about Coppell on the internet that was accessible with a Dallas library card. The members approved spending up to $50 to get a library card after a motion by Elaine and second by Barbara Lee.  Kevin stated that he would set up the web site, but would need help with content from the other members.  Elaine will be chair of this committee and Kevin will be a member.  Jean Murph and Barbara Lee will help with providing content.  

6. Election of new officers.  We will have election of officers in January.

Pat Lambert

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

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