Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

November 11, 2007

Present:  Deb Onstott, Barbara Lee, Pat Lambert, Barbara Webster, Kevin Mote, David Murph, Noble Fortson, Jim Witt, Joanne Smith, Jacquelyn Parrish, Don Carter, Lindy Thomas

1.  Response to letter from Historical Society to City Manager.

Mr. Witt presented a very detailed and comprehensive response to concerns expressed by members in regard to certain Old Downtown Coppell issues.  Mr. Witt brought a map with footprints of buildings in the proposed new development, overlaying aerial photographs of the old downtown area.  He was very receptive to the idea of moving the columns to the North and placing them on either side of the entrance into the Swaldi addition facing Coppell Rd.  Members need to make a decision by January for this plan to go forward.  In response to a question about the old soccer fields, Mr. Witt stated that no firm plans had been made as yet.  On the other side of Coppell Rd. (East) there will be a hotel with boutique stores on the first floor along with a 25,000 square foot banquet center (Kolberg Development)

There are no plans to close Park Rd in the immediate future.  Several alternate plans for rerouting the road have been proposed.  One option would be to expand the parking around the trees and the turnaround but he needs a consensus from the Historical Society before proceeding.  Another option would be to close the road from Benson to the South and convert the southern half of Park into a pedestrian walkway.

The Farmers Market will eventually have a road going straight through the parking lot and continuing both to the East to Coppell Rd and to the West.  There are 3 potential sites for the new location of the Kirkland House and again feedback from members is requested.  An estimate to move the house for $20,000 has been received.  $134,000 has been allocated to pave the road and the parking lot.  

2.  Old Red Fire Truck

The fire truck should be ready for the Christmas parade on December 1st.  Noble Fortson and Kevin Mote volunteered to walk and carry our banner in the parade.

Joanne Smith will coordinate with the City.  

3.  Other

The Perry Homestead in Carrollton will be open for a Christmas Party on Friday, December 7th from 6:30 pm to 8:30pm.  

We will discuss the Historical Survey at our next meeting on December 8th.

Pat Lambert

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

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