Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

November 14, 2009

Present:  Barbara Lee, Pete Wilson, Kevin Mote, Barbara Webster, Pat Lambert.

President Barbara Lee called the meeting to order at 10:19 a.m.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.  Moved by Pat Lambert.  Seconded by Barbara Webster.

The treasurer’s report showed a balance of $52,126.68.  Expenses since the last meeting included reimbursement to Barbara Lee for display expenses and a payment to Peggy Riddle.  Income was $100 for the sale of Dr. Pepper bottles at the Old Town Festival.  Approved.  Moved by Pete Wilson.  Seconded by Barbara Webster.

The archeological dig and the Old Town Festival activities were successful.

Barbara Lee led a cemetery visit for Boy Scouts.

Several members went to the Dallas Old Red Courthouse museum and examined the exhibit for Lancaster, Texas.  Dave Murph and Peggy Riddle are working on preliminary ideas for our future exhibit for Coppell.

Peggy Riddle is working on our participation in the National Register.

We are waiting on city approval to start rearranging items in the Minyard Store.  Barbara Lee and Richard Lee will probably do most of this work.

The matter of the old barn owned by Joy Onstott was discussed again.  There was a report that the city had told the Onstotts that they could not tear down the barn until they had the approval of our Society.  However, Matt Steer said that that is not the case.  It was decided that we would be sure we had photographs of the barn and then inform the city that we do not have any way of preserving it.  Whatever the Onstotts decide will be appropriate.

Pete Wilson reported that he has observed that work inside the Kirkland house is going on.  It appears that most of the old boards are installed in the kitchen and a few in another room.  The insulation in the walls is in and the electrical is in.

The Farmers’ Market will have market days during the winter months of January, February, and March.  It was suggested that the Society might put up a table and display and serve hot cider.

We have not heard details about this year’s Christmas in Old Town.  Apparently, there will be activities; Barbara Lee has seen a poster about it.  We need to get details and decide if we will decorate the Kirkland house.

The annual city parade is December 5, and we assume there will be the usual festivities at Town Center.

Pete Wilson reported no progress on claiming the funds left by the Historical Bethel Cemetery Association.  Barbara Lee is going to talk to the Dobeckas to find out if any written records exist.

The city has approved a grant of $5,000 to the Society, which will be available shortly.  Some of those funds will be used for our display in the new Senior Citizens’ Community Center.

Our next meeting is December 12.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:01 a.m.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

972-741-3894 (cell)

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