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Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

December 13, 2014

Present: Don Carter, Fran Richardson, Patti Carpenter, Cliff Long, Jack Carpenter, Pat Quinlan, Richard Lee, Jean Murph, Martha-Allison Blewer, Pat Lambert, Lloyd Webb, Joyce Webb, Sue Miller, Pete Wilson

Don Carter, President, called the meeting in the Kirkland House to order at 1:28 p.m. after holiday refreshments were served.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.  Moved by Lloyd Webb; seconded by Barbara Lee.

The Financial Report by Treasurer Jan Lorrain:

               In the city grant fund account for the month of October:

                              Rental expense for use of the Senior Center, $330.00

                              Ending balance, $3,145.38

               In the general fund for the month of October:

                              Annual membership dues for Chamber of Commerce, $150.00

                              Ending balance, $13,993.30

               In the city grant fund account for the month of November:

                              Halloween & Docent gift expenses, $163.11

                              Archeological dig expenses, $34.47

                              Wallpaper, $227.07

                              Items for Kirkland House (lamps, baskets, etc.), $190.00

                              Halloween expenses, $170.97

                              Ending balance, $2,267.36

               In the general fund for the month of November:

                              8 folding chairs, $151.52

                              Ending balance, $10,696.40

               CD account balance, $20,326.47

               Total of all accounts, $33,290.23

The financial report was approved.  Moved by Martha-Allison Blewer; seconded by Jean Murph.

Committee reports:

Archive Committee.  There was no report due to the absence of Chairperson Dave Murph.  

Martha-Allison Blewer moved that copies of recent editorials that deal with issues related to Grapevine Springs Park by Jean Muprh in The Citizens’ Advocate be preserved in the Society’s archives.  Motion was seconded by Pat Quinlan.  The motion carried unanimously.

Heritage Park Committee.  Chairperson Pat Quinlan reported the recent acquisition of two lamps, wallpaper for the ceiling, and some baskets.  The gun rack holding the shotgun donated by former Councilmember Billy Faught has been mounted in the kitchen by Richard Lee.

Historical Marker Committee.  Chairperson Pete Wilson reported that plans for additional markers have been put on hold until the receipt of additional grant funds from the city.  However, if the Society prefers, another marker can be ordered using funds from the general fund, which will be reimbursed with city funds later.  It was agreed that we should proceed with plans for one more marker now, preferably to be mounted on the new stone columns that have been erected along S. Coppell Road.  Pete said that at the next meeting he will present a proposal with wording for the marker.

Cemetery Committee.  Chairperson Pat Lambert reported no new activity.  However, she reported that the Society’s proposals for revisions to the city’s tree preservation ordinance have been discussed among the Park Board’s subcommittee, with feedback given to the Board.  The proposals are also being reviewed by the Economic Development Board.

Education Committee.  Chairperson Jean Murph thanked Patti Carpenter and her helpers for decorating the Kirkland House for the holiday festivities.

The new website has been redesigned and before its revision is finalized, everyone should look at it and report corrections to Don Carter.  The website address is

The display case at the Senior Center has been updated with an exhibit about early Coppell Schools.

The recent archeological dig at North Lake welcomed fifty participants of all ages.  Many important artifacts were found, including Amorites, musket balls, and bullets.

Approximately ten participants from the archeological dig and seven from the lecture on early Coppell schools has accepted free one-year memberships.

The next archeological dig will be in the spring.

Jean suggested that we invite a paleontologist to make a 20-minute presentation at our January meeting regarding the finds from the dig.

Old Business:  None.

New Business:  None

Open Forum:  Don Carter has created a new online newsletter which he hopes to continue each month.  He invites articles and stories that he can include.  Jan Lorrain suggested having hard copies of the newsletters at each meeting.

The city is planning an archeological survey of Park Road and the nearby bridge.

Jack Carpenter thanked the Society for its work.  He suggested that the Boy Scout troupes in Coppell will most likely be interested in participating in future archeological digs.  He also suggested additional outreach to the schools, providing copies of the Society’s historical DVD and making personal presentations on the history of Coppell.  Jean Murph replied that, although the Society has already provided DVDs to the schools and has presented a number of historical lectures, the education committee will undertake more participation in the future.

Pete Wilson reported that the Society has again been asked to make a presentation at Leadership Coppell on February 5.

The meeting was adjourned at 2:17 p.m.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

972-741-3894 (cell)