Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

December 8, 2007

Present:  Deb Onstott, Joy Onstott, Barbara Lee, Pat Lambert, Barbara Webster, Kevin Mote, Jean Murph, David Murph, Noble Fortson, Pat Quinlan, Joanne Smith, Jackie Parrish, Pete Wilson, Ruby Nell Wilson

1.  Minutes of last meeting

The minutes of the last meeting were mailed or e-mailed to all current members.  A motion was made, seconded and passed to approve the minutes.

2.  Treasure Report

The treasurer’s report was presented by Jean Murph.  There is a current balance of $6,205.41.

3.  Old Business

Barbara Lee discussed the very successful year for Historical Society activities.  

Responses to Jim Witt.  It was suggested that we draft another letter to Jim Witt in response to his questions to the members at the last meeting.  Since the potential locations and improvements to the Kirkland House were still not clear the members present felt that we should appoint a committee to compose a letter to Mr. Witt with some important points that were discussed at the meeting.  

The future location of the columns was also discussed and it was felt that they should have good visibility and should be located in Old Downtown.  One suggestion was that they be placed on the entrance to the Senior Center from Bethel Rd.  Other options are to place the columns on Coppell Rd.

A committee consisting of Jean Murph, Noble Fortson, and Pete Wilson was appointed. A motion was made and passed to give this committee the option of consulting with Jim Witt if they felt that it was necessary.  

4.  Other

Pete Wilson reported that he had interviewed Juanita Barfknecht Strong and Marlene Thiede and this interview will be available for our archives.

It was agreed that the archaeological dig will be an annual event to be held in October of every year.  

Cemeteries. Barbara Lee reported that she led a tour of our local cemeteries for students of Middle School West over the Halloween weekend.

Kevin Mote has made some progress on Bullock Cemetery and placed a lock on the shed.  He had an expert on stone markers look at gravestones.  Kevin does the mowing and weedeating but can’t do the necessary repairs to the gravestones.

Jackie Parrish also noted that there are a lot of broken stones at the Parrish Cemetery and Barbara Lee mentioned that there were also broken stones at Stringfellow.

Jean Murph pointed out that the proposed Historical Survey will include cemeteries.  We can revisit the issues of broken stones after the survey is complete. Barbara Lee also noted that Francis James (the cemetery lady) has a new book out.

Membership.  We will write a letter to all interested persons asking for the $10 dues and pointing out that they should be sent in January.

Donations.  A check for $10,000 was received from the Jean and Price Daniel Foundation for Historical preservation projects and a historical resource survey for the City.  Peggy Riddle had made a proposal to do this survey for $5,000.  A motion was made and seconded to approve $5,000 to $7,000 for this survey.  This motion was passed with the understanding that the Executive Committee will review and oversee the expenditures.  

Joanne Smith suggested that we send a formal “Thank You” letter to M-Signs for donating the banner for the parade.  This banner will be donated to the Fire Department.

Our next meeting is scheduled for January 12, 2008.  

Pat Lambert

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

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