Coppell Schools

School in Coppell was held as early as 1880 in a log cabin approximately one mile east of the present Bullock Cemetery.  When the First Methodist Church was built across the street from that location in 1896, classes met for a short time in the church building.

The first official school building in Coppell, probably built in the late 1890's, was a two-room building located approximately 160 feet south of this location.  

← In 1907, it was replaced with a two-story white frame building that housed eight grades in four rooms, located about 70 feet closer to present W. Bethel Road.

In 1928, three county schools - Gentry, Bethel, and Coppell - consolidated, and a new brick building was constructed on the north side of present Southwestern Boulevard, currently the site of Pinkerton Elementary School.  Known for almost four decades as Coppell Grade School, it housed grades one through eight in seven rooms.

The building burned from unknown causes in 1949, and students had to attend classes in Carrollton until reconstruction could be completed. The second building looked almost exactly the same, since it was rebuilt using the original concrete foundation and brick walls.

Shortly after 1959, when the Coppell Independent School district was created, an additional building was added to the east side, and one grade was added per year until Coppell had its first complete high school m 1965. Two years later, the upper grades moved to a new campus, now Coppell Middle School West.  This building then became known as Coppell Elementary School. When a second elementary school was constructed, this building was renamed Pinkerton Elementary, in honor of the school district's first superintendent, W. W. Pinkerton.


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