Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

February 8,  2014

Present:  Pete Wilson, Sue Miller, Jan Lorrain, Fran Richardson, Pat Quinlan, Betsy Wilcox, Don Carter

President Don Carter called the meeting in the Kirkland House to order at 11:14 a.m.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.  Pat Quinlan moved; Sue Miller seconded.

The treasurer’s report by Jan Lorrain was accepted.  Pete Wilson moved; Betsy Wilcox seconded.

               City Grant Fund Account:

                              Income: Refund of bank service fee, $15.00

Expenses: Electric fireplace unit, $129.00

                              Ending balance:  $296.89

               General Fund Account:

                              Income: Membership dues, $110.00

                              Expenses: Office supplies for Archives Committee work, $54.96

                                                  Post Office box rental (one year), $40.00

                              Ending balance: $11,458.35

               CD (matures 6/12/2014) value:  $20,326.47

Committee reports:

Archives Committee:  Pete Wilson reported for Dave Murph that the committee has met twice and is making very good progress on organizing and categorizing the many pieces of research notes, photos, maps, and other documents which will be placed eventually in the locked filing cabinet at the library.

Heritage Park Committee: Pat Quinlan reported that the committee has acquired an electric fireplace unit for the Kirkland House.  Pete Wilson suggested that maybe the committee could look into acquiring some electric period-looking lamps that can be placed in each room of the Kirkland House, since the overhead lights often do not supply enough illumination.

It was mentioned at the last meeting (and in the minutes) that two new docents have joined the Docent Troupe, but that information may be erroneous.

Historical Marker Committee: Pete Wilson reported that the committee has met, and he made the following recommendations:

               Out of the 11 sites identified so far for markers, 7 are ready to be designated with markers.  They include: The Coppell Railroad Depot site, The Bethel School and Bethel Church site, The Harwell House and Barbershop, the site of the original two Coppell School buildings, The Water Tank, The First Fire Station, City Hall, and Senior Center (now the Amcat building), and Pinkerton Elementary School (the original Coppell Grade School).

               The wording for the plaques has been approved by the committee, and members are asked to proofread the text.

               Pete recommended that the Society order the following items:

                              2 additional Historical Site medallions (the standardized round medallions that

say “Historical Site”)

                              7 new plaques (each with its own wording for individual sites)

                              1 additional pole for mounting

               He estimated that the total cost would be approximately $6,500 plus shipping.

Jan Lorrain will consult past financial records to confirm the estimated amount.  The cost of all the markers will come from city grant funds.  The Society currently has sufficient funds in its general account to cover the cost of the markers, and the latest city grant of $10,000 has already been approved and will be received, probably in March.  The general fund can be reimbursed from the new city grant.  Sue Miller moved and Pat Quinlan seconded that the items as listed be ordered with the following conditions:  (1) That the estimated total expense, excluding shipping, is approximately $6,500; (2) that Coppell ISD agrees to accept the placement of a marker at Pinkerton Elementary School; (3) that the text of the marker for the original Coppell Schools site be completed. (The text refers to where the schools stood in relation to the marker; those measurements need to be filled in.)  The motion carried unanimously.

Historical Preservation Committee:  Pat Quinlan reported for Pat Lambert that three members attended the last Park Board meeting and made an informal presentation regarding the current tree ordinance.  As requested by the city manager, a letter from Don Carter had been mailed to the Board, expressing the Society’s concern that the ordinance should be studied and updated.  The matter will be presented officially to the Board at its March meeting.

Education Committee:  Pat Quinlan reported for Jean Murph that the Witness Tree Search, originally scheduled for today, will be rescheduled.  The committee has discussed obtaining markers for Witness Trees and will present suggestions at a later time.

Committee members are going to visit the Cotton Belt Railroad Museum in Tyler to select items which will be loaned to the Society for an exhibit during the lecture planned for April 12.  Plans are underway to host a lecture on George Coppell, presented by Pete Wilson.  If the Senior Center at Grapevine Springs Park is available, the lecture will be there.  Jean Murph is checking into the possibility of obtaining the site free of charge.

The city is still planning a celebration for April 22, Earth Day, that will commemorate the designation of Coppell’s Campsite Oak.  Betsy Wilcox reported that the Society’s designated time for that event will be 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.  The next hour will be reserved for the Coppell Nature Park.

The next public tours of Heritage Park will take place next Saturday, February 15.  The Docent Troupe is prepared to host the tours.  It was decided to cancel the tours in April due to the fact that they would fall on the Easter weekend.

Pete Wilson reported that the Coppell Chamber of Commerce has requested that the Society provide copies of its historical DVD, to be given away at the next Coppell Gala.  Pete will determine the total needed and provide them if the Society has enough in stock.

Old Business:

Don Carter reported that updating and taking over the administration of the Society’s website is waiting until Kevin Mote has the time to accomplish the transition.

New Business:

Don Carter reported that the Society has been asked to participate in the design of a new logo for Old Coppell.  He will represent the Society at the next city meeting on April 20.

Don also reported that the Society participated in the Coppell Community Summit, where organizations discussed issues that affected them.

Open Forum:

Betsy Wilcox invited members to visit the new building at Coppell Nature Park.

Pete Wilson requested volunteers to help mount historical photos in albums.  Pat Quinlan and Betsy Wilcox volunteered (and Jan Lorrain, if the work is done in March).  Pete will contact them and set up a work time, or members can stay after the March meeting to do some of the work.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:32 p.m.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

972-741-3894 (cell)

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