Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

June 26, 2013

Present:  Pat Quinlan, Jan Lorrain, Karen Hunt, Jean Murph, Pete Wilson, Dave Murph, Betsy Wilcox, Bruce Wilcox, Juanita Strong

Vice-President Pat Quinlan called the meeting to order at 2:02 p.m.

This special meeting was called to discuss the issue of the missing pillars that used to stand along S. Coppell Road near the existing road that leads to the city service center, marking the west entrance to Grapevine Springs Park.  The pillars had been disassembled by the city and moved for safekeeping to the city service center, with the intention of reconstructing them at a later date.  Unfortunately, the stones from the pillars were mistakenly used to repair retaining walls in the park.  The city has apologized for the mistake and has asked for input regarding possibly constructing replicas of the pillars and, if the replicas are to be made, regarding the Society’s suggestions about locations.  Finding matching stone to reconstruct the pillars may be possible, even though it will be difficult.  Some matching stone in the park, near the former baseball diamond, could be used, but it would necessitate disturbing a historic site which might be restored in the future.

There was lengthy discussion about whether replicas would be appropriate.  Since the originals are no longer available, and since replicas cannot be placed at the exact original site, some members questioned pursuing the matter.

There was discussion about marking the site where the pillars were (as close to it as possible) with a historical marker which would also detail, briefly, some of the history of Grapevine Springs Park.

An option would be to place replicas near S. Coppell Road, at Houston Street, which will soon extend into the new townhome development and will lead, eventually, into a walking trail that will lead to Grapevine Springs.  Another suggestion was to place the replicas farther east, at the east end of Houston Street, at the start of the walking trail.  Yet another suggestion was to place the replicas at the extreme east end of the walking trail where it will eventually lead into the entrance of the park.

Betsy Wilcox moved that a historical plaque be placed at Houston Street, as close to S. Coppell Road as possible, which will mention where the original pillars stood, that this was originally the west entrance to the park, welcoming persons to the trails and park, and giving a brief history of the park.  Pat Quinlan seconded.  The motion passed by a vote of eight, with one abstention.

Jean Murph moved that replicas of the pillars be constructed and be placed as close to the historical plaque as possible, along S. Coppell Road at Houston Street, where they will be visible from the road.  Pat Quinlan seconded.  The motion carried with a vote of three to two, with four abstentions.

Pat Quinlan will report the Society’s decisions to City Manager Clay Phillips.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:06 p.m.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

972-741-3894 (cell)

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