Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

February 9, 2013

Present:  Pat Quinlan, Barbara Lee, Paul Lorrain, Jan Lorrain, Pat Lambert, Pete Wilson, Jackie Parrish, Martha-Allison Blewer

The meeting was called to order by President Don Carter at 1:11 p.m.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.  Moved by Barbara Lee; seconded by Pat Quinlan.

The treasurer’s report from Dave Murph showed expenses since our last meeting of $3,327.01 and income of $120.00.  The report was approved.  Moved by Jackie Parrish; seconded by Pat Quinlan.

Report from the Kirkland House Committee: Pat Quinlan reported that Will Taylor is now the contractor working on the Kirkland House.  The door knobs have been installed and the sink appears to be finished.  Work that remains includes: weather stripping, repair to the ceiling wallpaper that was damaged from the settling of the house, and new wallpaper.  The biggest problem still remaining is receiving the new wallpaper.  There is a definite chance that it will not be installed by April 13.

Report of the Senior Citizen Display Committee:  Dave Murph was absent, but Pete Wilson mentioned that Dave has said that the display is finished, except that Barbara Lee has been asked to resubmit some information to be included in the display.  There is some confusion about Peggy Riddle’s rebilling us for the work.  Dave will look into the matter.

Report from the Dedication Committee:  Pete Wilson presented examples of the three invitations to be printed for the April 13th Celebration.  He moved that the Society approve up to $450.00 for printing, postage, and copying.  The motion was approved.  Jackie Parrish seconded.  Later, Pat Quinlan moved to amend the proposal to approve up to $1500 instead of $450 in order to include printing of posters and flyers.  Pete Wilson moved; Pat Lambert seconded.  The motion was approved as amended.

Pete presented the idea of bringing Becky Hearn, great-granddaughter of George Coppell, to our Dedication on April 13.  It was agreed that Pete will check with Mindi Hurley and possibly others to see if we might secure a free or reduced-rate hotel room for Becky and her husband.  Martha-Allison moved and Barbara Lee seconded that the Society authorize up to $1000 for airfare for the Hearns.  Motion carried unanimously.

Task Force Report:  Martha-Allison Blewer, on behalf of Jean Murph, reported that the following items have been finalized for April 13:

The city is supplying police help, chairs, sound equipment, portable toilets, and the reservation of the Senior Center in case of rain.  Pete Wilson will take responsibility for notifying residents and businesses along S. Coppell Road of the closing of the road on April 13.

Vendors will be selling vintage items.  (Jan Lorrain agreed to make notecards with a drawing of Heritage Park to sell.  If the notecards are black and white, a set of 8 will cost about $3.00.)

Coffee and pastries will be provided by the Farmers Market.

Docents and hosts will be trained by Martha-Allison Blewer.

Music will be provided.

Lunch will be provided by Hard 8 Barbecue for purchase.

Drinks will be sold by groups as fund-raisers.

Desserts will be provided by the Chamber of Commerce.

Carriage rides will be provided by House of Style.

Games for children will be provided by Kevin Mote and Jean Murph.

Gifts for guests, such as fans, bags, stationery, and coasters, will be provided by Jean.

Items such as T-shirts, bags, and stationery will be available for sale and the Chamber will oversee participation.

Advertising is ongoing and Jean on this.

Volunteers, such as from the Young Men’s Service League and the American Heritage Girls Coppell, have been secured.

The city permit for the celebration has been secured.

Martha-Allison also reported on her presentation to the Coppell Women’s Club.  She has recruited a number of volunteers to be docents.  She proposed that we make special aprons for the docents to wear.  She moved and Pat Quinlan seconded that we authorize $250 for materials to make twelve aprons and $250 for Pat Lambert to construct the aprons.  Motion carried unanimously.

Pat Quinlan proposed an idea of Jean Murph’s to produce a small cookbook with artwork and recipes from local residents to be available at the April 13th celebration.  Jean has volunteered to do the work on the cookbook.  Pete Wilson moved and Pat Lambert seconded that the proposal be approved.  The motion carried unanimously.  Pat Quinlan and Barbara Lee will help Jean with the project.

Report of the Acquisitions Committee:  Pat Quinlan reported that additional furniture items have been purchased for the Kirkland House.  She presented a calendar for the month of March which identifies days that various Society committees will need to meet in the Kirkland House and Minyard Store to prepare for the April 13th celebration.  The calendar is to be presented to the city to help emphasize the importance of our being allowed to move into the Kirkland House on March 1.  Pete Wilson moved and Pat Lambert seconded.  Motion carried unanimously.

Report of the Education Committee:  Don Carter presented a written report from Jean Murph that indicated that five groups conducted an additional tree search on February 2.  The areas searched were Moore Road and East Belt Line Road, Grapevine Springs, Denton Creek, the Trinity River, and several Coppell neighborhoods.  The Denton Creek search revealed one tree that could surpass in size the Burr Oak that fell in Andy Brown Park.  A significant oak was measured at one home, as well as an elm near the railroad on E. Belt Line Road.  Also a tree was found at the Trinity River bridge on E. Belt Line Road.  We are finding several large trees at each significant historical site that can serve as the city’s Witness Trees.

The committee is creating children’s games for April 13, including a historical bingo game that will ask participants to go to various businesses and other sites in Old Coppell to ask for answers to questions such as, “When was the Kirkland House built?”

Report of the Cemetery Committee:  Pat Lambert reported that City Manager Clay Phillips has met with the developer of the area around the Bullock Cemetery to further discuss the possibility of graves being located outside the fence of the cemetery.  The city has emphasized, again, that it has no jurisdiction or responsibility for finding evidence of the graves’ existence.  There was some discussion of hiring our own expert to do a survey and of possibly contacting the Texas Antiquities Commission.  It was decided to wait before taking further action; Kevin Mote has agreed to look into those possibilities.  Jan Lorrain will contact Kevin to discuss helping him find an archeological expert to survey the area if Kevin believes that should be done.

Report of the Historical Marker Committee:  Pete Wilson reported that the historical markers have been shipped from the foundry and are expected to arrive Monday.  Pete will meet with city workers on Tuesday to determine the exact location of the post for the marker at Heritage Park.  The plaque and medallion will be attached to the post later on, closer to April 13.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:14 p.m.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

972-741-3894 (cell)

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