Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

May 11, 2013, in the Kirkland House

Present:  Pete Wilson, Barbara Lee, Pat Quinlan, Betsy Wilcox, Linda Els, Rex Gourley, Suzanne Williams, Ward Williams, Jan Lorrain, Jackie Parrish, Judy Conger, Patti Carpenter, Pat Lambert, Jean Murph, Dave Murph, Martha-Allison Blewer, Sue Miller, Don Carter.

President Don Carter called the meeting to order at 1:08 p.m.

The minutes from the last meeting were approved.  Moved by Jean Murph; seconded by Pat Quinlan.

The treasurer’s report by Dave Murph:

In the general operating account: Income, $380.00.  Expenses, $7,433.34

In the city grant account: No income.  Expenses, $4,077.15

Furniture for the Kirkland House accounted for $4,919.05 of expenses.  The April 13th historic celebration accounted for $7,4443.67 of the expenses.

The treasurer’s report was approved.  Moved by Pete Wilson; seconded by Pat Quinlan.

Report of standing committees:

The Kirkland House Committee, by Pat Quinlan:  Work to be completed by the Society inside the Kirkland House includes staining the floors and possibly hanging more photos.   The city will complete the hanging of wallpaper when the materials arrive.  There was some discussion about possibly consolidating the Acquisitions Committee with the Kirkland House Committee and possibly renaming the committee the Buildings Committee, since both the Minyard Store and the Kirkland House will need the Society’s supervision.

Senior Center Display Committee, by Dave Murph:  The historical display has been completed, thanks to the work of several members and Pat Takesh.  Jackie Parrish pointed out that one mistake needs to be corrected whenever the display is revised in the future.  Pete Wilson commented that there are two minor mistakes in the narrative.

Historical Marker Committee, by Pete Wilson:  Now that the first marker has been unveiled at Heritage Park, the next step is deciding where to install additional markers and when to install them.  The Society has purchased an additional eleven markers, and they can be installed at any time.  Each marker will have to have its own plaque, which will represent a cost of between $500 and $700.  Pete reported that the most logical locations for markers will be the Amcat building, the old school site, and any building along the historical area of W. Bethel Road.

Acquisitions Committee, by Pat Quinlan:  Now that the Kirkland House is mostly furnished, the work of the Acquisitions Committee will be to review new donation requests and to catalogue items in the Kirkland House and Minyard Store.  Pete Wilson read a message from the Coppell Library, offering to donate a gas drilling exhibit that commemorates the first gas well drilled in Dallas County, in Coppell.  Don Carter will contact the library and accept the exhibit.

Education Committee, by Jean Murph on behalf of Kevin Mote:  The Education Committee provided the games and activities for children at the April 13th celebration.  Continuing projects for community participation include the Witness Tree Search and the Archeological Dig.

Cemetery Committee, by Pat Lambert:  There has been no activity involving the cemeteries since the last meeting.

Old Coppell Task Force, by Jean Murph:  Work is continuing on the façade of the Michael’s Wood Floor building; the gasoline pumps have been ordered and will be installed when they arrive.

Docents Committee, by Martha-Allison Blewer:  Martha expressed thanks to all the volunteers who acted as docents and marshals at the April 13th celebration.  Many of them are new members of the Society.  Martha-Allison is resigning her position as chairman of this committee, due to family commitments.  The nature of the docents’ work will now change to accommodate the Society’s plan to open Heritage Park to the public one Saturday each month and at other times when scheduled.   The current plan is to have the park open on the third Saturday of each month for about three hours.  The committee will need to establish when this schedule will begin, and the Society will need to communicate this to the city.  Don Carter has created an additional website that features Heritage Park.

Old Business:

Jean Murph reported that the Planning and Zoning Commission and the City Council have been asked to approve the demolition and rebuilding of the Coppell Deli, owned by Jay Khorami.  In order to build a newer, bigger building, the city is requiring forty parking spaces to be incorporated onto the property, and the only way to accomplish this is to demolish the old building.  The building that is now the Coppell Deli – previously a grocery store and service station – was built in the 1940s and is part of the historical heritage of Old Coppell.

The executive committee has mailed two letters – one to the city council and one to the Planning and Zoning Commission – expressing its opinion that the Coppell Deli or some part of it be preserved.

Pete Wilson moved and Jean Murph seconded that part of the executive committee meet with Mr. Khorami and discuss ideas for preserving all or part of the original building, and that members be encouraged to appear at the Planning and Zoning meeting next Thursday evening to express support for preserving the building.  The motion carried unanimously.

New Business:

Officers will need to be elected after the Society’s hiatus during the summer months.  Current officers will be asked if they are willing to serve again.  Other active members are encouraged to communicate their willingness to be officers.

Open Forum:

Barbara Lee presented a letter that was written from Gibbs, Texas, in 1892.

Pete Wilson passed out copies of the current list of members and contact persons for the Society.

Barbara Lee suggested that the Society mail letters to the families who attended the April 13th celebration and encourage them to donate old photos, make oral histories, and become members.

Don Carter will provide a combination lock-box for the keys needed for Heritage Park.

Jean Murph will look into getting photos from the April 13th celebration onto discs that members can keep, and at least some of those photos will be added to the Society’s collection for historical purposes.

Judy Conger volunteered to be added to the Historical Marker committee.  A number of other members signed up to participate in conducting the tours of Heritage Park.

Pat Lambert was thanked for designing and sewing the aprons for the docents at the April 13th celebration.

Extra t-shirts were distributed to those who worked at the celebration.  Barbara Lee suggested that we insert random recipe cards – left over from the celebration – into the letter to families who attended the celebration.

Pete Wilson and Barbara Lee will present our usual historical talk to the Government Affairs Committee of the Chamber of Commerce on May 21, as requested.  Pete Wilson suggested that, in the future, we might want to create a “speakers bureau” to accommodate those groups who request presentations.  So far, he and Barbara have been able to handle the requests themselves.

The next meeting of the Society will be on September 14, 2013, in the Kirkland House, at 1:00 p.m.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:10 p.m.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

972-741-3894 (cell)

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