Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

March 9, 2013

Members present:  Barbara Lee, Jackie Parrish, Don Carter, Jean Murph, Dave Murph, Martha-Allison Blewer, Pat Lambert, Jan Lorrain, Paul Lorrain, Pete Wilson

President Don Carter called the meeting in the Kirkland House to order at 1:12 p.m.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved as corrected, as follows:  (1) The Farmers Market will not provide pastries and coffee for the April 13th celebration, but the Market will obtain them.  (2) The Old Town Coppell Association, not the Chamber of Commerce, will oversee the sale of vintage items on April 13th.  Approval moved by Jean Murph; seconded by Barbara Lee.  Motion carried unanimously.

The treasurer’s report by Dave Murph showed expenses since the last meeting as follows: $157.19 for Ancestry-dot-com membership; $60.00 for post office box rental.  Income included $10.00 dues.

Report of Committees:

Kirkland House Committee:  Jean Murph reported for Pat Quinlan.  The work on the house has progressed considerably.  Wallpaper must still be hung.  The house is sealed fairly well, although there are still some minor adjustments to doors to be made.

Starting March 19, members will work in the buildings to clean up and organize.  Anyone who can help should plan to attend.

Acquisitions/Collections Committee:  Jean Murph reported that some of the furniture purchased for the Kirkland House has been delivered.  Other furniture will be delivered later.  The antique icebox donated by Juanita Strong has been moved in.

Pete Wilson mentioned that the antique stove is ready to be moved into the house, but it is heavy and will require several persons to move it.  It was decided to wait until the house is cleaned once more before the stove is moved in.

Written guidelines for use of the buildings were presented and approved as modified.  These guidelines included a voluntary sign-in log book, who will keep the keys to the buildings, activities that can be scheduled, and what cannot be stored in the buildings.

A standard receipt to be used when donations are received was approved as modified.

Dedication Committee:  Pete Wilson reported that all printing for the April 13th ceremony, except programs, has been finished.  Although up to $1500 was approved, only $195.18 has been spent.  However, this expenditure does not cover some additional items such as flyers or additional posters.

The program for the event is set except for participation of a Boy Scout troupe to present the colors.  There has been no response so far.

The water pump has been finished and is on the property.

Airline reservations for the Hearns (great-granddaughter of George Coppell) have been made.  The Chamber of Commerce was successful in getting Hilton Garden Inn to provide a free room for the Hearns for their 3-day stay.

The Chamber of Commerce will be providing two large signs to flank the stage.  The information to be printed on the signs will probably include a photo, the schedule of events, and, probably, the major contributors: Chamber of Commerce, Historical Society, Farmers Market, Old Town Coppell Association, City of Coppell.

Pete Wilson and Barbara Lee are preparing a list of historic photos which will be considered by the Acquisitions Committee for inclusion in the Kirkland House.

Rolling Hills (Restland) has volunteered to help with the event and possibly donate money.  It was agreed that we will ask if the cemetery can provide a van for use on the 13th and possibly give up to $500 for costume rental so volunteers dressed in period costumes can roam the event.  Martha-Allison Blewer moved; Jean Murph seconded; motion carried unanimously.

The Dallas Morning News (NeighborsGo section) has agreed to reserve its cover story for our event.  The Citizen’s Advocate is already running regular articles, and will do so each week from now on.

Volunteers will meet at 2:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 13, at the Arts Center, to address invitations.

Color posters are available for distribution, as well as a limited number of small invitations for the general public.

Pete Wilson reported that it appears that it will be too expensive for the Society to print its own notecards or postcards for the event.  A printer’s quote ran about $2.50 per color card and envelope and $1.50 for black and white.  Jan Lorrain had agreed to do some of this work, but since the Society will be purchasing a large number of the items for gifts, the project is too large for her to do alone.  Instead, Pamela Takesh of MarniG Designs in Coppell will be printing notecards sets which the Society can purchase at a discount as gifts for the special guests;  Pamela will also print and sell the notecards herself at the event.  She is also providing the drawing that will appear on the T-shirts.  An estimate of the Society’s cost of the notecard sets was not available yet.  

Jean Murph moved and Barbara Lee seconded that an expenditure of up to $500 be approved for notecard sets as gifts for special guests.  The plan is to provide one gift bag for each family represented.  The motion carried unanimously.

Senior Citizen Display Committee:  Dave Murph reported that no additional work has been completed on the display.  He suggested that we undertake the work ourselves.  Pete Wilson moved and Jean Murph seconded that Pamela Takesh, the artist who is designing the notecards for us, be asked to complete the display, and up to $200 be allocated for the project.  The motion carried unanimously.

Cemetery Committee:  Jean Murph reported that the city is pursuing legal action against the developer who removed a tree from the Bullock Cemetery.

Historical Marker Committee:  Pete Wilson reported that all twelve markers are in, stored at the city service center.  The post for the marker at Heritage Park is already up.  The medallion and plaque will be installed on the post shortly before April 13th and covered up, to be unveiled at the ceremony.  Pete reminded the group that, most likely, the next marker to be installed will be on the Amcat buildings (the former Coppell city hall, jail, and fire station).  After that, the city manager is very interested in a marker for the location of the old Coppell School building next to the Chamber of Commerce building.  The only cost for additional markers, when they are installed, will be the plaques to accompany each one.

Old Coppell Task Force:  Jean Murph reported that about 14 businesses have contributed to the cost of printing T-shirts for the April 13th event.  About 11 groups are participating in activities such as providing food, games, vendor booths, and acting as docents.  Over 30 vendors have been contacted about selling vintage items.

There is still a need for:  dancers who might lead the “dancing in the streets,” signs from the city, “actors” in costume, vintage décor along the street and booths, and other groups selling items as fund-raisers.

Old Business:

Martha-Allison Blewer reported that everything is going well on the project to provide docents for the April 13th celebration.  The Coppell Women’s Club is ready to participate.

After discussion regarding the restoration of the old water tank in Old Town Coppell, it was decided that the Society will recommend to the city that the tank be repainted and that the original artwork (which commemorates the centennial year of the town) be preserved.  Pat Lambert moved; Jackie Parrish seconded.  The motion carried unanimously.

New Business:

There was discussion about the possible demolition of the Coppell Deli building.  The owner is considering tearing it down to build a new building in its place.  The original building was built in the 1940s, during the war, and it is in the Society’s historical survey.  It was agreed that the Society would indicate its interest in preserving the old building or at least in encouraging the owner to incorporate part of the original building into the new design.  Moved by Jean Murph; seconded by Pat Lambert.  The motion carried unanimously.

Pete Wilson moved and Jackie Parrish seconded that the Society purchase 12 dozen toy fireman’s hats to be given away on April 13.  The motion carried unanimously.

Pete Wilson will give Kevin Mote information to post on the Society’s website regarding the April 13th event.

Rolling Hills Cemetery has indicated an interest in working with the Society on projects that might involve the city’s historic cemeteries.  The Education Committee was charged with the responsibility of responding to Rolling Hills that the Society will be glad to participate.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:25 p.m.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.

Secretary, Coppell Historical Society

972-741-3894 (cell)

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