Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

October 13, 2012

Present:  Don Carter, Pat Quinlan, Dave Murph, Jean Murph, Kevin Mote, Martha-Allison Blewer, Richard Lee, Barbara Lee, Pete Wilson

President Don Carter called the meeting to order at 1:00 p.m.

Jean Murph moved and Pat Quinlan seconded that the minutes of the last meeting be approved as submitted.  Motion carried unanimously.

The treasurer’s report by Dave Murph showed expenses since the last meeting of $150 to the artist to prepare a design for the historical medallions and $150 to join the Coppell Chamber of Commerce.  Barbara Lee moved and Jean Murph seconded that the report be accepted as presented.  The motion carried unanimously.  Don read from a letter from the city notifying us that we have received our $10,000 grant from the city.  Dave clarified that we will be receiving the money, probably, by February, based on last year’s receipt.

Don Carter acknowledged a card of thanks from Tony Molino, thanking the Society for joining the Chamber.

Report from the Kirkland House Committee:  Pat Quinlan reported that the switch plates have been installed in the house and look good.  The sink counter is installed, although there is no faucet yet.  Apparently, all other work is waiting on the arrival of wallpaper.  Jean Murph agreed to contact Mindi Hurley to discuss moving ahead more quickly – checking on the wallpaper and trying to locate the folding doors that were original to the house.

Pete Wilson moved and Jean Murph seconded that the Kirkland House Committee be authorized to outfit the Kirkland House with additional furniture (such as table and chairs) by December.  Money in our treasury has already been designated for such purchases.  The motion carried unanimously.

Jean Murph thanked everyone was supporting the archeological dig held this morning near the site of the original railroad depot.  The turn-out was good.

Report from the Committee on Display Cases at the Senior Center:  Dave Murph reported that the display items being created by Peggy Riddle, are probably being completed satisfactorily.  Jean and Dave Murph will continue to monitor progress.  Don Carter volunteered to meet with Peggy Riddle or her representative next week to observe how the background is to be installed in the display case.

Report of the Historical Marker Committee:  Pete Wilson reported that the city has approved the design which we submitted to them of the historical medallions and that City Manager Clay Phillips indicated that consultation with Gary Klingmann and Associates was not needed.  There was discussion about submitting the design to Klingmann, anyway, to refine the design.  Pete was opposed to doing this because it would delay the process.  Others felt like the delay would be worth the time and money.  (Up to $2500 was approved at the last meeting to pay for Klingmann’s services if needed.)  After discussion , it was agreed that Kevin Mote will consult with Klingmann to find out if refinement of the design is suggested.  A deadline of two weeks for getting this work accomplished was set.  Pete further reported that the foundry we have been consulting about making the medallions said that it does not recommend using bronze for the markers.  The copper in them temps theft, and the cost is more than twice of that of standard black aluminum and silver lettering.  Pete will consult again with the foundry and will check with Rolling Oaks Funeral Home to determine what company they use to make markers.  Jean and Dave Murph will check with the city of Grapevine to find out what company it uses for its markers.

Report of the Acquisitions Committee:  Nothing new to report since the finalization of the Acquisitions Policy document.

Report of the Education Committee   Jean Murph suggested that another Witness Tree search take place in January or February.  The committee will make a more definite suggestion next month.

Jean Murph will visit a second grade class to discuss Coppell history, as requested by a teacher from a Coppell Elementary School.

There was discussion about creating a child’s video relating to Coppell history.  It was suggested that students from Coppell Middle School North could be involved in the project; a teacher from the school had contacted us about getting his students involved in historical work.  Jean and Dave Murph, aided by Kevin Mote, will pursue the idea of a child’s DVD and report back.

One of the new city council members, Wes Mays, as well as one of the new school trustees, thanked us for the quality of our historical DVD.

The Education Committee will distribute copies of our historical DVD to all the schools once the new supply of DVDs arrives.  Kevin Mote reported that the price for 100 DVDs is good, as approved at the last meeting.  However, he is having to remake the master DVD before ordering the new copies.

Report of the Cemetery Committee:  The developer building around the Bullock Cemetery has apparently not done any testing on possible gravesites outside the boundaries of the cemetery.

Old Business:

The Joint Committee of Old Town, Merchants’ Association, Farmers’ Market, etc., will meet on October 29 to discuss ideas related to our proposed Dedication Celebration of Heritage Park.  The city wants to keep Earthfest at City Hall on the first weekend in April, so our dedication activities would need to be on the second weekend, April 13.  Barbara Lee and Pete Wilson will begin assembling names and addresses of persons to be invited formally to our celebration.

Jean Murph displayed items which will provide suggestions for our dedication celebration, such as posters, bookmarks, etc.

New Business:

Martha-Allison Blewer suggested that we consider commissioning an artist to make a painting of our historical medallions.  Further discussion was tabled until the medallion’s design is finalized.

The meeting was adjourned at 3:04 p.m.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.


Coppell Historical Society

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