Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

September 8, 2012


Members present:  Don Carter, Pat Quinlan, Dave Murph, Jean Murph, Barbara Webster, Kevin Mote, Barbara Lee, Pete Wilson, Martha-Allison Blewer


The meeting was called to order by President Don Carter at 10:22 a.m. in the council chambers of Coppell City Hall.


Barbara Lee expressed thanks for allowing her to be president of the Society until now and welcomed Don Carter as our new president.


Barbara Lee moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting as presented in email, and the motion was seconded by Pat Quinlan.  The motion carried unanimously.


Treasurer Dave Murph presented the treasurer’s report.  The regular account had no activity since our last meeting.  The account that reflects the city grant had total expenses of $414.26, which represented reimbursements for copying the historical DVD, subscribing to Ancestry.com, and registering our website.  Jean Murph moved to approve the treasurer’s report and the motion was seconded by Pete Wilson.  The motion carried unanimously.


Report from the Kirkland House Committee by Pat Quinlan:  The wallpaper has been applied in the parlor and on some parts of the ceiling, although some of the ceiling wallpaper is loose and will have to be reapplied.  The sink table is in and operating.  The lighting fixtures are in.  The floors are ready to have wax applied.  Apparently the contractor is waiting to receive the remainder of the wallpaper and the switch plates.  Pat has asked for a weekly report from Mindi Hurley.  We are hoping that the house will be finished by December so that we can have a Christmas meeting in it.  We are hoping to have a grand opening for the entire Heritage Park in March or April.


Barbara Lee reported that Mindi has said that the city will paint the windmill after Christmas because there are Christmas lights on the windmill now, although they failed to work last Christmas.  Barbara also noted that the parks department has done some landscape work such as filling in holes in the yard.


Report from the Committee for the historical display in the senior center by Dave Murph:  The city has finally finished the display cases and they are ready for our display.  Dave thought that the display had been finished by Peggy Riddle, but it has not.  Peggy is finishing it up now.  Dave will monitor her progress.  Peggy is in possession of the various artifacts that were chosen for the display, but we have lost track of the items that she has.  Peggy will eventually determine what items she has.


Report from Historical Marker Committee by Pete Wilson:  The committee has met and it presented a rough sketch of its suggestions:  an 8” metal medallion, bronze and black colored, with an inner circle for lettering, a star in the center, and five images around the star including Sam Houston, the tree in Grapevine Springs (currently on our letterhead), the railroad depot, the Thweatt windmill, and the Kirkland House.  The proposal suggested having the medallion be standard and adding an additional simpler plaque for text that relates to a specific site.


After discussion, a consensus was reached on the following items:  (1) Change the image of Sam Houston to a more appropriate likeness; (2) put Houston’s name under his picture; (3) have the tree redrawn to be more symmetrical; (4) have the depot image redrawn to reflect a bit more detail, especially the “Coppell” sign if possible; (5) shorten the windmill and add some foliage around the bottom; (6) keep the smaller version of the star; (7) add “Historic Site” to the center of the star; (8) make the inner circle about ¼” farther from the outer circle; (9) make the letters slightly larger if possible, but especially center them between the two circles; (10) put lettering at the top of the medallion saying, “City of Coppell; (11) put lettering at the bottom of the medallion saying, “Coppell Historical Society.”


Pete Wilson moved to authorize up to $200 for the artist to redraw the rough sketch of the medallion, and the motion was seconded by Jean Murph.  The motion carried unanimously. Pete Wilson moved  to approve up to $2500 to have Gary Klingmann, the artist who provides artwork for the city, to finalize the design, and the motion was seconded by Jean Murph.  The motion carried unanimously.


The process of getting the medallions finalized will be as follows:

1.      The artist will redraw a rough version of the medallion, incorporating the above changes.

2.      Pete Wilson will present the design to the city for suggestions and, if no major changes are required, he will seek approval.

3.      Pete will inform the city of our suggestion to ask Gary Klingmann to finalize the design.

4.      If the city agrees to utilize Klingmann’s services, Kevin Mote will contact him, and the two of them will negotiate price and will develop the final design.

5.      Pete will submit the final design to the foundry along with our intention to purchase more than one medallion at a time and obtain a price.

6.      Pete will inform the Society of the cost.

7.      If the cost is acceptable, the Society will order the medallions, the exact number to be determined at that time.


Report from the Acquisitions Committee by Pat Quinlan:  The committee submitted a detailed list of collection guidelines which will provide rules for the acceptance and rejection of items that may be offered to the Society in the future.  After discussion, suggestions were made for grammatical changes, requiring a photograph of each item that is catalogued, and adding verbiage that will clarify that the rules apply to items to be located both inside and outside any structure.  Barbara Lee moved that the guidelines be accepted as modified, and Pat Quinlan seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.


Jean Murph pointed out that the Acquisitions Committee has recommended that the Kirkland House be outfitted to represent the period of 1890 to 1920, attempting to duplicate what the Kirkland family had in the house when possible.


Report from the Archeological Dig Committee by Jean Murph:  Jean is willing to be in charge of our next dig.  She suggested that possible sites are:  the railroad depot, Bethel School, and Grapevine Springs Park along the railroad.  Pete Wilson moved that our next archeological dig be on October 13 at 9:00 a.m. at a site to be determined by Jean, and Jean Murph seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.  Jean believes that the best site choice is the railroad depot, and she will investigate if the city will allow us to dig there and if it will allow us possibly to use its parking lot at its maintenance center.


Report from the Education Committee by Jean Murph:  The committee recommended holding another Witness Tree Search at a later date.  The committee also recommended that the future major dedication ceremony for Heritage Park include some sort of activities for children.  Jean moved that the Society purchase an additional one hundred copies of our historical DVD, and the motion was seconded by Pat Quinlan.  The motion carried unanimously.  Kevin Mote will order the additional DVDs.  Jean will make sure that DVDs are provided to new city council members, new school trustees, and all Coppell schools.


Jean suggested that we make a concentrated effort to gain new members.  She also emphasized the need to reach out to our schools, possibly even encouraging the creation of organizations such as Junior Historians.


Kevin Mote will update our website with names of our current officers.  He will eventually post our mission statement once we have reviewed it.


Jean Murph reported that the next phase of the service station in Old Town Coppell is probably going to take place within a month.  The Executive Committee has decided on the style of the two gasoline pumps that will be placed at the site, and they will be ordered shortly.


Jean Murph suggested that the Society consider forming a task force with such groups as the Old Town Merchants’ Association to address projects such as signage leading to the newly-developed Old Town area, the old water tank, the old service station, and other projects that might be of interest to all the groups.  Jean moved that we look into forming that group, and Pete Wilson seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.


Report from the Dedication Committee by Pete Wilson:  (The original committee, formed in March of 2011, is comprised of Pete Wilson, Pat Quinlan, Barbara Lee, Martha-Allison Blewer, and Jean Murph.)  It is likely that the Kirkland House will be finished by December so that we can hold our Christmas meeting there.  A good time for a formal, major dedication of Heritage Park and the renovation in Old Town Coppell will probably be early April.  Jean says that the city may be in favor of helping with a city festival, possibly blocking off a street for the celebration.  It is unlikely that the Farmers’ Market will be ready to open in its new pavilion then, but we can still incorporate the Market into the dedication plans.  Pete expressed interest in making the dedication service be a celebration of Coppell’s history, which should include formal invitations to special guests such as representatives from families who have lived in Coppell in the past.  The committee’s first job will be to consult with other groups which would be involved to establish a date for the dedication.  Its second job will be to collect names and addresses of persons who should be invited.


Pete Wilson moved that the Society become a member of the Coppell Chamber of Commerce, and the motion was seconded by Barbara Lee.  The motion carried unanimously.


Barbara Lee moved that the official meeting time of the Society be changed to 1:00 p.m., still on the second Saturday of each month, and Kevin Mote seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously. 


Pete Wilson moved that the December meeting be changed to December 15 so that it can include a Christmas party for the members, and Jean Murph seconded the motion.  The motion carried unanimously.


The next meeting of the Coppell Historical Society will be on October 13, at 1:00 p.m., in the training room of the Coppell fire station on Town Center Boulevard.


The meeting was adjourned at 1:00 p.m.



Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.


Coppell Historical Society

Cell 972-741-3894

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