Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

December 15, 2012

Present:  Juanita Strong, Jean Murph, Dave Murph, Pat Lambert, Pete Wilson, Barbara Lee, Kevin Mote, Barbara Webster, Pat quinlan, Martha-Allison Blewer, Don Carter, Lou Duggan

This meeting was the first to take place in the restored Kirkland House; holiday refreshments were provided by Jean Murph and Pat Quinlan.

President Don Carter called the meeting to order at 1:19 p.m.

The minutes of the last meeting were approved.  Jean Murph moved; Barbara Webster seconded.

Treasurer’s report by Dave Murph:  Expenses since the last meeting included:

                $2,365.00, display in the Senior Citizens’ Center

                $4,302.50, deposit for historical markers

                $2,706.25, fee to Klingmann for marker design work

Income from our Certificate of Deposit is now $271.55.  The Society has received its latest $10,000 grant from the city.

The treasurer’s report was approved unanimously.  Pete Wilson moved; Jean Murph seconded.

Don rearranged committee reports so Pete Wilson could report before he had to leave the meeting.

Report from Dedication Committee by Pete Wilson:  Barbara Lee, Pat Quinlan, and Pete Wilson met and addressed letters and postcards to persons to receive formal invitations later on.  There have been a good number of responses.  The next step is for the committee to meet and start work on the content of the dedication ceremony.

Pete Wilson reminded members that a lot of volunteers will be needed during the dedication celebration:  docents for the buildings, hosts to meet the special guests, help with games and entertainment, etc.

Report from the Special Task Force by Jean Murph:  The city, the Old Town Merchants Association, and the Farmers’ Market have met with our representatives, and many elements of the April 13 dedication celebration are definite.  The part of S. Coppell Rd. beside Heritage Park will be blocked off; police will slow traffic along W. Bethel Road during the dedication ceremony and will monitor the areas blocked off; the city will provide chairs, temporary restrooms, and a sound system; Richard Lee will provide a flatbed trailer for a stage; there will be music, games, and items to sell; carriages will transport people between the Farmers’ Market and Heritage Park; Hard-8 Barbecue is being asked to provide lunches for purchase at discounted rates; the Old Town vendors will be selling vintage items and some will provide free refreshments.  Other groups, such as youth volunteers and Coppell Women’s Club members may be asked to help.

Jean reminded the membership that our dedication ceremony, starting at 10:00 a.m., will be just a part of the celebration.  The event is also a celebration of the opening of the new road and of the new Old Town development.

Report of the Historical Marker committee by Pete Wilson:  The historical markers have been finalized; the order and design for the medallions and the plaque for Heritage Park have been approved and are being made by the foundry, Southwell Company in San Antonio.  The plaque for Heritage Park should arrive shortly, and the rest of the markers are expected within about six weeks, due to the upcoming holidays.  The markers will be delivered to the City Service Center on S. Coppell Road.  Pete thanked Kevin Mote for all the unexpected work he had to do to finalize the design of the markers.

Approximately half of the cost of the markers has been paid.  The balance, about $4,500, will be due when the markers arrive.

Report of the Kirkland House Committee by Pat Quinlan:  New contractors will take over the remaining work on the house.  The wallpaper should take 4 to 6 weeks to arrive.  Consultant Bill Peck will supervise the finishing of items such as door knobs, vent coverings, etc.  The committee will continue to monitor progress.

The Acquisitions Committee was approved to spend and additional $5,000 to purchase additional furnishings for the Kirkland House.

Report of the Senior Center Display by Dave Murph:  The display has been completed, but items still need to be arranged in the display cases.  At present, artifacts are just lying on the bottom shelf.

Kevin Mote will take over chairmanship of the Education Committee; additional members are Jean Murph, Pat Lambert, and Don Carter.  Kevin wants to produce a video of Coppell history for children.  He hopes to involve students from Coppell schools to appear in the video.

The historical video has been distributed to all schools.

Don suggested that the Society expand its website to include a list of all the mayors of Coppell.  He also suggested that the website be a repository for all photos.

Barbara Lee and Pete Wilson will represent the Society at Leadership Coppell on February 7.

The antique water tank in Old Coppell is being supervised by the Task Force.  Michael’s Floors is planning to handle details about its future.

Pete requested funds of approximately $100 to purchase a replica water pump that will be mounted and used at the Kirkland House, to demonstrate how water was pumped in the early 1900s.  Barbara Lee moved and Jean Murph seconded that the funds be approved.  Motion carried unanimously.  

At our January meeting, we will set up a work date to clean and arrange the inside of the Minyard Store and Kirkland House.

Juanita Strong reported that she is moving and has her mother’s old wooden ice box, two old chairs, and a rocking chair which she might donate.  The acquisitions committee is interested and will look into the matter.

Jean received an email from Peggy Riddle that Denton County is going to be giving away some articles that might fit well into the Kirkland House.  If we accept them, they will be fr

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.


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