Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

March 12, 2011

Members present:  Barbara Lee, Pat Quinlan, Barbara Webster, Joy Onstott, Martha-Allison Blewer, Kevin Mote, Pete Wilson, Paul Lorrain, Don Carter, Naomi McDowell, Tom McMahon, Ilene McMahon.

President Barbara Lee called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.

Minutes of the last meeting were approved.  Moved by Joy Onstott.  Seconded by Martha-Allison Blewer.

The Treasurer’s report was accepted.

The fire station training room has been reserved for three more months by Barbara Lee as our meeting place.

As mentioned at the last meeting, Jean Murph is looking into the possible publication of a book on Coppell history by Arcadia Publishing Company, which is the company that produces such books for many towns across Texas.  We will wait to hear from Jean about progress that’s been made.

Kevin Mote has finished the DVD of the seminar hosted by Scott Day.  Copies have been distributed to the city, the Chamber of Commerce, and to our Society.

Barbara Lee reported that she mailed a letter of resolution to state officials on behalf of our Society, urging concern for potential budget cuts for the Texas State Historical Commission.

Pete Wilson reported that, currently, the Dallas County Historical Commission is in a state of disarray, due primarily to the election of three new County Commissioners.  Commissioner Garcia, who represents Coppell, has removed the two appointees from our district, including Pete, and she has repeatedly ignored requests to reappoint, clarify, or appoint new members.  Currently, Pete does not consider himself a member of the Commission, which is unfortunate since his term had not expired and since he had done extensive work as marker chairman.

It was suggested by Pete Wilson that we no longer mail out notices of meetings or copies of minutes.  With the exception of Barbara Lee (who will be at meetings anyway) and Jackie Parrish, no one receives mailings who is active with our Society.  Everyone else will still receive email messages.  If others need mail sent to them, it will be handled on a more personal basis.

Pete Wilson presented proposals for four signs to be made in anticipation of the opening of the Kirkland House.

                Metal plaque for the Kirkland House.

                Metal plaque for the Minyard Store.

                Wooden sign for the Kirkland House with times that the house will be open to the public.

                A “sandwich sign” that says “Open” for use whenever the house is open.  A committee was appointed to consider the sign proposals, consisting of:  Pete Wilson (chair), Don Carter, Martha-Allison Blewer.  The committee will report back at the next regular meeting.

Pete Wilson also presented suggestions for organizing the opening ceremony for the Kirkland House/Minyard Store, to be implemented whenever the two buildings are ready for use.  A committee was appointed to consider the suggestions, consisting of Pat Quinlan, Barbara Lee, Pete Wilson (chair), Martha-Allison Blewer, Barbara Webster, and Jean Murph.  The committee will report back at the next regular meeting.

Barbara Lee reported that the Coppell Library will be hosting a program on May 5 for coordinating volunteer help.  Interested persons will attend the program to find organizations that can benefit from their help.  A committee was appointed to accomplish our Society’s participation in the program, consisting of Tom McMahon (chair), Barbara Lee, Martha-Allison Blewer, Pete Wilson.

Naomi McDowell presented to the Society a CD of old photographs from her family albums.  Pete Wilson will incorporate the photos into our collection and present them to Naomi so that she can write identifying information to go with each photo.

The next regular meeting will be Saturday, April 9.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:24 a.m.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.

Recording Secretary

Coppell Historical Society

Cell 972-741-3894

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