Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

November 12, 2011

Present:  Pat Lambert, Nan Botzau, Jackie Parrish, Pat Quinlan, Barbara Webster, Jean Murph, Dave Murph, Tom Botzau, Barbara Lee, Don Carter, Pete Wilson

President Barbara Lee called the meeting to order at 10:28 a.m.

The minutes from the last meeting were approved as submitted.  Moved by Jean Murph, seconded by Nan Botzau.

The treasurer’s report by Dave Murph included the following financial activity since the last meeting:  Expenses: $704.69; income: $20.00.  The treasurer’s report was accepted.  Moved by Pete Wilson, seconded by Pat Lambert.

Pete Wilson moved to authorize treasurer Dave Murph to open a new checking account at Chase Bank to manage financial activity related to city grants given to the Society.  Seconded by Don Carter.  Approved unanimously.

Pete Wilson reported that taping has begun again on the historic video project.  About 3 ½ hours were spent last Saturday.  Hopefully, another session next Saturday will finish the camera work.

Pete Wilson recommended paying Kevin Mote at least $1000 for his work on taping and editing the historic video now in progress.  After discussion, Pete Wilson moved and Jackie Parrish seconded that the Society pay Kevin $1500 upon successful completion of the video.  In addition, once the video is finished, the Society will pay Kevin for supplies and his time to duplicate up to 50 initial copies.  The motion carried unanimously.

Pete Wilson reported that Peggy Riddle provided additional documentation for state designation of the Parrish Cemetery, for which we paid her for her time.  However, there are still items to be reworked before the application can be re-submitted to the state.  Pete reported that he will not have time to work on this project for a while.  Members suggested that possibly others could help with research.  Jean Murph will provide articles from The Citizen’s Advocate and a plat map of the Bullock Cemetery, which will be used for documentation of the other cemeteries.  It was suggested that possibly new member Kathye Carpenter might be interested in working on some of the research.

Pete Wilson also reported that the historic photo collection is now is very good shape and that newly-acquired photos are being added regularly.  The collection is now close to 900.

Nan Botzau reported for the Education Committee that the project of cataloguing acquisitions and inventorying them has been taken over by Martha-Allison Blewer.  An inventory and photos of furniture and other items in storage, waiting for completion of the Kirkland House, has been completed, and a disc containing the information was presented to Nan Botzau by Kathye Carpenter before the meeting.  (Kathye reported that she is more interested in research and genealogy rather than some of the current projects of the Society, so she probably won’t be in attendance but may be involved in other ways.)  Martha-Allison Blewer will be working to establish a policy for future gifts to the Society.

Nan Botzau reported that the Witness Tree Project will take place in early spring, hopefully with a public forum.

Jean Murph reviewed the recent successful archeological dig and displayed artifacts that were discovered at the dig.  She reported that substantial discoveries were made regarding the location of the two-story Coppell School house, and, possibly, of the two-room school house which proceeded it.  The sites are on property owned by Steve Chadick, who was gracious to allow us to do the archeological dig on his property.  In the future, we need to look into ramifications of the discoveries on his property.

The members recognized the recent newsletter created and mailed by Pete Wilson and his helpers.  Hopefully, the Society can publish newsletters at regular intervals.

Dave Murph reported that, again, no progress has been made on completing the display case at the Senior Center, so our historic display is still in storage.  His discussion with the city revealed that completion of the work just has not been a priority of the city, and he hopes that his inquiries will prompt the city to move forward.

Pat Quinlan reported that some members were able to meet with City Manager Clay Phillips last Thursday to get an update on the Kirkland House.  The City Council has approved an additional $81,000 to complete all of Coppell Heritage Park, including both the Kirkland House and the Minyard Store.  Contractor Jeff Ballard will be contracted on Monday to complete the work by March 1, 2012.  Bill Peck will supervise the work, possibly weekly, and a member of the city staff will visit the work daily.  Pat Quinlan and Jean Murph met the next day with Clay and Bill Peck to go over the list of items that need to be completed in the Kirkland House.

Jean Murph reported on the project to mount the façade from the old Coppell service station onto Michael Lee’s business.  Phase one, which consisted of mounting the garage doors on the building, was completed some time ago.  Michael Lee has had serious health problems lately, but he and his family have reaffirmed his intention to go forward with the rest of the project – attaching a portico and possibly adding period gas pumps to the front.  Tom Botzau and Jean Murph are a committee of two who will keep us posted on this project.

There will be a “Friends of Mike Day” at next Saturday’s Farmers’ Market, 8:00 a.m. to noon, to raise funds for Michael Lee.

Jean Murph reported that the Chamber of Commerce luncheon on Friday will honor veterans.

Jean Murph mentioned that the new owners of the old fire station and old police station in Old Town Coppell are looking to add a new façade to one of the buildings, probably with a historical date inscribed on it.  There may some discussion between the city and the owners about some of these changes.  If concerns arise that might interest the Society, Jean will inform the membership.

Jean Murph reported that there will be a city celebration approximately one year from now when the renovations to Old Town and Bethel Road are completed.  It will probably be a joint project with groups like the Old Downtown Business Association, the Historical Society, and others.

Barbara Lee reported that repair to the historic windmill in Coppell Heritage Park will be delayed until after the first of the year, due to the road improvements.  However, the city will fix the holiday lights that are currently on the windmill for this holiday season.  When the additional repairs are made, different lighting will be installed.

Barbara Lee reminded the Society that the city is now requiring quarterly reports on how we use the grants that are given to the Society by the city.  The latest grant will be for $10,000.  The reporting periods are as follows:

                Quarter One: October 1-December.  Report due January 31.

                Quarter Two: January 1-March 31.  Report due April 30.

                Quarter Three: April 1-June 30.  Report due July 31

                Quarter Four: July 1-September 30.  Report due October 31.

There was discussion about purchasing a new filing cabinet to be placed, possibly, alongside our existing cabinet at the library.  A committee of Dave Murph, Tom Botzau, and Don Carter will look into the matter.

Barbara Lee presented the idea of asking Mayor Doug Stover to be the guest speaker at the Society’s next meeting, December 10, and making it a meeting to which the public is invited.  Pat Lambert moved and Jean Murph seconded a motion that Barbara pursue this idea.  Motion carried unanimously.

Jean Murph moved and Nan Botzau seconded that if Mayor Stover is not available that we consider changing the December 10 meeting to be a special tour of a historical building in Grapevine.  Barbara Lee has been told that a group would be given a personal tour of this building, which is not yet open to the public.  The motion carried unanimously.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.

Recording Secretary

Coppell Historical Society

Cell 972-741-3894

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