Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

February 11, 2011


Present:  Barbara Webster, Kevin Mote, Nan Botzau, Pat Lambert, Martha-Allison Blewer, Barbara Lee, Tom Botzau, Nan Botzau, Jean Murph, David Murph,  Paul Lorrain


President Barbara Lee called the meeting to order at 10:15 a.m.


Minutes of last meeting.  Motion for approval by Pat Quinlan.  Seconded by Nan Botzau. Approved.


Treasurer’s Report. Dave Murph presented the treasurer’s report.  We had total expenditures of $794.60 and income of $160.00 plus the grant from the City.  The funds from the City will be handled on a separate spreadsheet due to the additional reporting and accountability requirements for the money.

Old Business

1. Cemeteries:

 Pat Lambert reported on the status of the efforts to gain recognition of the Parrish Cemetery by the state.  Although Pete Wilson was not in attendance, he communicated that there were some additional requirements from the state historical commission and that he would be able to provide this to them.  Barbara Lee will prepare a grave site grid for the Stringfellow Cemetery along with black and white photos and Kevin Mote will do this for the Bullock Cemetery.

2. Kirkland House:

Pat Quinlan reported that the committee had been shown samples of the trim that had the finish applied and that it had been approved.  Paul Preistner from Palestine is doing this work and is ready to begin.  It was suggested that the committee request Mindi Hurley to arrange a walk-through to observe what progress had been made.

3. Education:

Nan Botzau reported that she had received a call from a Middle School West teacher and that there is a possibility of a junior historical society being started.  Barbara Lee pointed out that Leadership Coppell has classes for both youth and adults to train future civic leaders.

New Business

1. History of Coppell:

Jean Murph reported that Arcadia Publishing was interested in creating a history of Coppell and asked the opinion of the members.  All present felt that this would be a great idea.  The company would pay all expenses and would share part of the profits with the Historical Society.  We would supply pictures and narratives to them.  Jean will get a sample packet from them and bring it to the March meeting.  Arcadia would also be responsible for marketing.

2. Plans for Kirkland House:

Barbara Lee reported that Clay Phillips had requested that the Historical Society provide him with an operating plan for the Kirkland House and the Minyards Store.  This would contain information such as the hours the buildings would be open to the public and what other uses it could be put to. The group tentatively scheduled a meeting for Wednesday March 2 starting at 10 am.  Members will bring a covered dish for lunch.

3. Web Site Content:

Kevin Mote reported that he is desperately in need of new web site content and several suggestions were made as to items that could be included.  A motion was made by Jean Murph and seconded by Tom Botzau that Kevin make 4 copies of Scott Day’s presentation to the City.  These will be distributed to the City, Chamber of Commerce, and Historical Society.  

4. Suspension of State Historical Commission:

Jean Murph reported that Governor Rick Perry had proposed the temporary suspension of this commission due to budget constraints.  Since they fulfill a vital role for historic preservation in the state, it was felt that we should voice our support for this commission to continue.  A committee including Jean and Dave Murph, Martha Allison Blewer and Pat Lambert will look into drafting a letter of support and also research contact information for other historical societies in the immediate area to encourage their support also.  

 The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a.m.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.

Artistic Director

Theatre Coppell

P. O. Box 1232

Coppell, TX  75019

Cell 972-741-3894

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