Minutes of Meeting

Coppell Historical Society

April 10, 2010

Present:  Barbara Lee, Barbara Webster, Jackie Parrish, Pat Lambert, Pat Quinlan, Tom Botzau, Nan Botzau, Jean Murph, Dave Murph, Noble Fortson, Kevin Mote, Pete Wilson

The meeting at Dave Murph’s office, 532 S. Coppell Rd., was called to order by President Barbara Lee at 10:25 a.m.

Minutes of the previous meeting were approved.  Nan Botzau moved.  Pat Quinlan seconded.

The Treasurer’s report, by Dave Murph, was accepted.

It was decided unanimously that details of the treasurer’s report will be available upon request.  Moved by Tom Botzau.  Seconded by Jean Murph.

Barbara Lee, with Dave Murph’s assistance, will apply for another grant of $5,000 from the city for educational purposes.  The oral presentation on May 18 will be handled by Pete Wilson, Nan Boatzau, and Dave Murph.

Nan Boatzau presented a report from the Education Committee with the following recommendations:  (1) That the Society recognize student achievement with certificates from the Historical Society; (2) that the Society contact school history teachers, send brochures, and inform them of the Society’s work; (3) that Scout troupes be contacted the same way; (4) that the Society sponsor contests for children with prizes.  The proposals were approved.  Pete Wilson moved.  Noble Fortson seconded.

A sub-committee of the Education Committee was appointed to work on the Society’s video, photo collection, and oral histories  Members are Pete Wilson, chairman, Nan Boatzau, and Kevin Mote.  Approved.  Moved by Jean Murph.  Seconded by Pat Quinlan.

Pat Quinlan gave a report from the Kirkland House Committee.  The city contract with the contractor has been signed.  The city has committed $85,000 to complete the work.  No additional work has been started yet.  Peggy Riddels is onboard to advise us on some minor interior decisions, such as doorknobs and lighting fixtures.  The landscaping design is to be re-considered, with our input.

Jean Murph reported that work is progressing on the service station façade.  Michael Lee, owner of the building which is accepting the façade, is getting city approval for adding the portico.

Pat Lambert reported from the Cemetery Committee.  Maps of the individual cemeteries have been made.  Kevin Mote presented the latest preliminary layout of the cemetery map which we are planning to publish.

Jean Murph reported that the Old Town Association is concerned about current conditions of the old downtown area.  It was decided that the Society will join with the Old Town Association to call attention to the look of the area when it presents its concerns to the city.  A consultant is coming in to talk to business owners about sprucing up their properties; Society members are welcome to attend the meetings for information.

Pete Wilson reported that he has been appointed co-chair of the historical marker committee of the Dallas County Historical Commission.

Pete Wilson presented members with copies of his most recent findings about George Coppell, which include a photograph, family items, and the apparent connection of him to our railroad and to our city’s name.  New information has surfaced after forty-eight years of searching.

The next meeting of the Coppell Historical Society will be May 8, 2010, at Dave Murph’s office, 352 S. Coppell Road, in Coppell.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:14 p.m.

Wheelice (Pete) Wilson, Jr.

Artistic Director

Theatre Coppell

P. O. Box 1232

Coppell, TX  75019

Cell 972-741-3894

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