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Historical Narrative

Coppell, Texas – Texas State Historical Association

Coppell, Texas - Wikipedia

Early History

Bird’s Fort

o A Description of Bird’s Fort and Marker

o Treaty of Bird’s Fort

Native Americans, Grapevine Springs and The Grapevine Plain

o Newspaper Articles on Grapevine Springs - 1932

o Map of Indian Tribes in Texas

o The Mystery of the Caddo Mounds    Coppell version - 02/19/2016

o First European to venture from Waco (Bexar) to Spanish Fort (Taovaya Indians)
and his description of the Grapevine Plain and Cross Timbers

Route of De Mezieres in 1778 from Waco to Spanish Fort

1778 – De Mezieres Expedition Map

Spanish Fort, TX – Texas State Historical Association

o The Last Buffalo in Area Killed at Grapevine Springs

o Separating Buffalo Fact From  Fiction

Peters Colony

o Peters Colony Map

o Peters Colony Info

o Hedgcoxe War

o Grapevine Prairie

Famous Trees of Texas


o History of Coppell ISD

o Coppell Schools

George Coppell, Railroads & Coppell Depot

Coppell Depot Location & History

Coppell Depot Named After George Coppell

o George Coppell Summary Document - Our namesake

o George Coppell Supplemental Document (coming soon)

Cotton Belt Line and the St. Louis & Southwestern

o 1891 Railroad Map Showing Gibbs

o 1893 Railroad Map Showing Coppell

o History of the Cotton Belt Line – Arkansas Railroad Museum

Cotton Farming, The Industrial Revolution, Cotton Manufacturing in England

o Cotton Culture in Texas - Texas State Historical Association

o Cotton Ginning – Texas State Historical Association

o Cotton Production in the United States - Wikipedia

Other Railroads George Coppell  Had Interests In

o Coppell, Ontario

Algoma Central Railroad Map

Coppell Depot, Ontario, Canada Photo

George Coppell’s Investment in the ACR (coming soon)

Modern Day Coppell – Turn of the Century to Today

Development of DFW Airport - Wikpedia

President John F. Kennedy’s Assassination

o Coppell Chamber Speaker Discusses JFK Assassination Theories

o Coppell Residents Re-Open Memories of JFK Assassination

Maps & Markers


o Coppell’s Historic Cemeteries

o The Mysterious Past of Bethel Cemetery

Coppell Map, Circa 1915 - 1930

Coppell Map, Circa 1930

     Coppell Boundry Map - Date Unknown

Sam Street’s Map - 1900

Historical Markers Throughout Coppell  

Historical Marker Program Keeps History Alive

Kirkland House Location & History


Video - The History of Coppell

Video -  Coppell Historical Society Interview

     Video -  Coppell History - 1991


Coppell Historical Society Approved Meeting Minutes


City of Coppell

o Old Town Coppell:  Old Coppell Master Plan,  Historic District Guidelines

o Proposed Tree Ordinance:  Letter to City Manager,  Tree Ordinance

o Historic Resource Survey - commissioned by the Society

Suggested Reading

o Works by Jan and Paul Lorraine:

o It Happened In Coppell - a series of articles by Shaun Jex of Coppell

O Phil LaBerge Articles - some works by Society member Phil LaBerge

O  CHISHOLM TRAIL - by Society member Lloyd Webb, et al.



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